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    setting grades on gravel driveway

    I am adding a P-shaped turnaround at the end of our driveway. The turnaround is at the low point on our property, but re-connects at NOT the lowest point of the existing gravel driveway. I added a culvert across the turnaround at the low point. The neighbors property is 3' higher at our...
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    tooth grind angle on post hole auger

    I am re-grinding the welded-on teeth on a post-hole auger. Should the teeth have a high positive rake (very sharp like 45°), or very low (more blunt like 10°).
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    L235 Transmission fluid sight window

    Are Sight Windows available for the L235/L275 hydraulic fluid transmission? It does not appear to be labeled in my parts diagrams, that I can find. Are there other press-in sight windows that might be compatible? I can buy generic sight windows, but they are threaded.
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    L235 no fwd

    Fwd failed today. It shifts in/out of 4wd no issue. What specifics do I look at first? 4wd drive shaft, rear transfer case, etc... How do I determine if the 4wd drive shaft is spinning? If I raise the front wheels with the loader they spin freely in both 2wd & 4wd.
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    PCV missing

    I have a L235 tractor (D1105 engine) that blows smoke out of a u-shaped pipe on the valve cover. It looks like there is a missing PCV filter/canister, and a down pipe. I cannot seem to find this missing part in the service manual, or engine parts list. The smoke is pretty noticeable. I...
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    BF400 loader broken part

    There are two bolts sheared off at the front of the loader, on the horizontal bar. What purpose do these bolts have? Is this for detaching the loader from the front of the tractor? Why is the lever spring loaded?
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    Loader sway bar?

    What is the function of the pair or bars mounted on pins across the upper loader towers? It looks like the pin brackets are bent. And the loader is restricted at its max vertical position by the bars. They also block the hood from opening.
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    Hard to start

    I found a Kubota L235 that the owner says turns over easy, but is hard to start. Price is right, but is "hard to start" likely low compression? Or something worse? Rings, head gasket, glow plugs, slow starter/voltage. Owner has no idea on the tractor hours. It is a good 6-7 hr round trip just...
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    John Deere 4115 HST no 4wd

    Found a 03 JD 4115 HST, The 4wd does not work, does not engage the front wheels. Is the JD HST as reliable as the Kubota HST? 2K hrs. Priced right if the 4wd issue is simple.
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    4wd not working on a 2150 With HST

    Looking at buying a B2150HST. 2200 hrs. This is my first exposure to HST. I have experience with gear drive transmissions only. 2wd works fine. 4WD does not. If the HST transmission is not shifting into 4WD, what does that indicate? Bad fluid?, damage to the HST, 4wd output shaft, Something...