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  1. OntheRidge

    Weight of filled tires?

    I ordered some Bora wheel spacers for my L2501 with R4 tires, which I will need to remove to install spacers. Does anyone have an accurate weight for a filled 15-19.5 tire? Filled with WW fluid. I tried searching here and elsewhere without a definitive answer. Thanks, all!!
  2. OntheRidge

    Grapple arrived!!

    This guy finally showed up, 15 weeks from order date but Homestead was pretty up front about delays. Put it right to work moving some rocks and clearing some brush.
  3. OntheRidge

    Rubber pads for outriggers

    Anyone have a source for the rubber pads that go on outrigger shoes to protect surface? I believe Kubota part # is L9467. BH77 backhoe. List for these is $260, seems a bit steep. Right now I have a couple pieces of 2 x 4 screwed on but I doubt it will last long. Needed something to protect...
  4. OntheRidge

    Box blade or rear blade?

    I am trying to decide which of these I should get. I will be regrading my yard (About 1/2 to 3/4 acre) plus putting down topsoil. It seems the box blade is better for that, but, I would like to be able to use implement for snow removal also. Can a box blade be used for snow? Is a 6 ft blade too...
  5. OntheRidge

    ROPS lights

    Has anybody installed these lights? Do you like them? Thanks!