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    Thank You. When all hell breaks loose and the trailer is off the ball, that coupler will go forward under the truck or go back as far as the chains permit. To complete your testing show the coupler all over the place, including under the truck, and then maybe folks can see the utter nonsense...
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    What did you do to or on your Kubota today?

    Pretty sure that you are holding it by the wrong end.
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    B2601/BH70 Swing Arc

    Just 1 on the BH70, and it is faster in one direction.
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    B2601/BH70 Swing Arc

    $3500 might seem like a lot, but having a more capable tractor and attachments might be worth it. I did the B2601/BH70 thing and it has been a bit of a disappointment, the limited swing is a bother every time I use the backhoe and I am always at the limit of its capabilities. Besides the...
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    Piston micro pitting

    I think the pistons are good to go, annealing is a non issue. I would smooth the pits somewhat with fine sandpaper and polish the area.
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    I have a stone fence around my property that usually has a couple of black snakes living in it. There is a rental house on the property that was rented by an idiot that thought all things living should be killed. I liked the black snakes because they patrolled the perimeter and kept the mice...
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    Grand L travel mug.

    I am on here now trying to find a water bottle/ mug or whatever that makes sense. Nearly all have some kind of issue such as too high, too fat or a skinny bottom. When you find one that might fit, then they have a lid guaranteed to collect the minimum daily requirement of bugs and dirt...
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    How to price a job

    When I was young and didn't know any better I would do a lot of auto repairs for friends and relatives charging little or nothing. I got a bit smarter when they thought it was a joke when I asked them to mow for me. I have operated a tool & die shop for many years, still do some work. It is...
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    Daily Chuckle

    I think there was a lot of Photoshop work, did you ever see a horse with all 4 legs the same?
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    Fuel prices

    I think that we all understand your position and the need to dig for things to defend the current hell we are going thru. All we need to do is look at prices and availability of goods, then look at the tremendous losses in our funds. We are getting beyond a return to sanity.
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    Ever have this problem with your seat?

    I believe that there is also a back scratcher feature.
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    Fuel prices

    They are still driving 80 MPH on a 55 MPH speed limit highway near me. Obeying the law and driving a reasonable speed in not a consideration.
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    List of grill guard fabricators and or skid plates..

    I installed the same guard. The Kubota guard sides were far from parallel and it took some extreme measures to bend them to where they should have been. 511 could help us here by reducing the width of the product and add some washers to shim for a better fit. Also, headlights don't just shine...
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    Bseries valve clearances

    And that is why I posted my method.
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    B2601 - Mowing & Weight

    Test drive your B2601 around the lawn under various conditions to see how bad the ruts are. I know that mine would not be suitable for mowing, I can't even traverse the lawn to do work beyond unless the soil is dry.
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    Fuel prices

    This time they even went after the newborns.
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    What does everyone collect or do for a hobby?

    Do you sell anything else??????
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    Bseries valve clearances

    In nearly all 4 cycle engines since the beginning of their invention, valves are adjusted while the cam follower is on the base circle of the camshaft. If you can rotate the crankshaft by hand and can see a pulley or damper it can be done this way and is usually better than any printed...
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    What type of motor oil?

    Since the government got involved with fuels and oils there is much confusion. Some choose to ignore the reductions and alternate additives thinking that they are still using the same product as before. It is not about opinion, but it should be about recognizing facts and making an intelligent...
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    Kubota Blue

    I think that might be history, if someone can come up with a source, please post it.