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    Vernig Grapple Issue

    I bought a new 54" V30 Vernig grapple and I don't think it is designed quite right. While holding the grapple tines level and lowered to just touch the ground, the loaded arms dig even before the grapple tines. In this photo you will see that the tines can't be angled up slightly to keep them...
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    Leak Down Rate

    What is an acceptable rate of drop for loader buckets, backhoe buckets and outriggers? My new B2601 with a BH70 backhoe leaked down to where the backhoe bucket was dragging on the ground after driving just 200 yards. Messick's rebuilt the cylinder and I haven't had a chance to use it yet, but...
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    My new B2601 with loader and backhoe has been in the dealers possession for over two weeks to repair the backhoe. I told them in writing that the hoe drops down even with the engine running and that the cause is either the valve or the cylinder. Photos were provided. Today I received an email...
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    Backhoe Drops

    I bought a new B2601 with a BH70 backhoe, the first time I used it there seems to be an issue. I ran the machine for more than 2 hours at approximately 1800 RPM without shutting down. On two occasions as I moved slowly just 150 yards the backhoe was dragging in the dirt. Since the tractor was...
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    Thump Position

    New BH70 backhoe with a BH1976 thumb will not use all 6 positions. When the thumb is raised completely it still partially blocks the last hole so the pin will not go in. With the thumb down one position, digging is reduced with the thumb resting on the soil. Apparently this thing is made...
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    Warranty Papers

    When purchasing a new tractor, should there be warranty papers showing date of delivery supplied? I have nothing, and now see that my invoice is dated six weeks in arrears showing the date it was ordered.
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    Sizing a quick attach

    I’m trying to determine if a 3,000 lb. quick attach forks system that weighs 364 lbs. is way too much for a B2601. There is one available in new condition, but it may be heavier than it should be. Any idea?
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    Enclosed Car Trailer Ramp

    I have an enclosed Haulmark car trailer with interior that is 8' x 20' x 6' 6" high. The floor and ramp are both 3/4" plywood of a good grade, not the newer flake-board, but I have no good information about the ramp's interior construction. The tractor is a B2601 with loader and backhoe and it...