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  1. fj40dave

    Old Tiller ID Help (Gearbox Shattered)

    Neighbor has this old tiller he's thinking about getting rid of for scrap metal. It looks old to me, and as the pictures show, the gear drive housing is toast. Anyone know what make/model this might be? I've searched the web for luck.
  2. fj40dave

    "Square Bailer" & "Thatcher" wanted

    My neighbor asked if I knew anyone selling a "Square bailer" and / or a "Thatcher". I've not been a farmer or person whom grows hay and that sort of thing (but, I'm always wanting to learn new stuff). He explained to me some of the finer details of the two items, and I've offered to give it a...
  3. fj40dave

    L3240 Brush Guard expanded metal grill

    My neighbor saw my guard and wanted the same for her tractor since her grill needs replaced due to a stick/branch. I'll be adding a couple 7" LED lights to the top on the angle iron this week.
  4. fj40dave

    BX2230 in Bend, OR Public Surplus parts rig (tranny bad)

    Saw this auction for a BX2230 in Bend, Oregon. I'm about 320 miles away from Bend, but thought I'd pass it on!
  5. fj40dave

    WTB : Headlight Assy for L3600

    Looking fof the headlight assembly for a L3600GST.......the one I have is cracked. I'm in zip code 98524 (Allyn, WA) Thanks :-)
  6. fj40dave

    L245 to L2250 engine swap?

    Hi again.... Picked up a motor/transmission/rear end spare when purchasing a (mostly) complete L245DT last night. Question is: Can I swap out the seized motor in a L2250 with the spare L245DT motor? I would evaluate the spare motor making sure it runs well before the swap, but not interested...
  7. fj40dave

    L235DT Compression Test

    Working on a L235 for a "No Start" complaint by the owner. . I thought I would start with a new set of glow plugs and fuel filter.....adjust the valves, and compression test. Valves were pretty tight (adjusted them to 0.07mm as recommended) Radiator was plugged pretty badly by dirt/mud...
  8. fj40dave

    Suit Case Weights auction Saw this while searching the Gov Deals auctions in my neck of the woods. Brewster, WA is kind of a small little out of the way place.
  9. fj40dave

    B7800 in Salem, MO (auction)

    Searched this government auction web site and came across this tractor. Sounds like a clutch fix (PTO Noise) will be necessary, but this is under 2K at the time I'm posting this. Only 14 hours left on this, sure wish I lived close enough to drive there and grab this...
  10. fj40dave

    1.3L Kubota D1305-IDI-M for sale

    I have a Kubota D1305-IDI-M motor (as seen in the pictures) for sale. This thread link pretty much explains why I have it. I was told ithas the 1750 hours on it, and that it was in a riding mower that was...
  11. fj40dave

    L2250 Motor Swap Question?

    Hi folks I have my next project lined up and wanted to see what insight might be out there before I get started. The tractor is a L2250 and my research say's it's a 1.3L motor It has a bad motor per the owner.....states it's "seized" and has been sitting on the trailer (picture) for at least...
  12. fj40dave

    Surplus B-8200 in Grants Pass, OR

    Just posting this for anyone interested. State of Oregon surplus web site......tractor is in Southern Oregon (Grants Pass)
  13. fj40dave

    Stolen L3301 in Roy, WA. (South Puget Sound) Stolen L3301 Article says they have insurance. Dave
  14. fj40dave

    Oregon: Auction #727774 - Kubota B6001E 2WD Diesel Tractor,or/auction/view?auc=727774 Looking like a potential good deal.....hope someone get's it that can use it. Dave
  15. fj40dave

    Florida - Auction #654658 - Kubota tractor - BB6606 3 day's left and it's @ $740!!!!
  16. fj40dave

    1999 D1403 3cyl diesel, unknown damage. Public Surplus auction in Phoenix, AZ.....only a day left on this one...... Just passing it along :-)
  17. fj40dave

    Kubota B2150 in Utah (auction)

    Just passing it along.....found it on Auction Ends Sep 8, 2011 9:00:00 AM PDT Current Price $3,000.00 (Reserve not met yet) Help window Time Left 9 days 0 hours Kubota B2150 Tractor with Attachments - Attachments...
  18. fj40dave

    Kubota L2550 blown motor Current bid is: $676.66 Tractor, Kubota L2550 blown motor, dry rotted tires. Tractor has been sitting for five years Gloucester County Public Schools [View seller's auctions] Terms and Cond. [View Terms and Conditions] Pick-up...
  19. fj40dave

    L295DT Hyd Pump Seal blown again..?

    Same problem that led to the rebuild last year of the complete motor...crank case filling with hyd/tranny oil. Question is.....besides the obvious - overpressurizing the pump - any ideas about why the seal would fail? Owner doesn't think the hydraulics were stressed, but not certain. I'm...
  20. fj40dave

    L295DT in Colorado Springs FS Public Surplus . com has this tractor being auctioned off for the City of Colorado Springs. Price seems decent (so far!) Dave