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  1. Fordtech86

    25 hp Mercury outboard- central Louisiana

    Offering up to my Kubota friends first. 1994 Mercury 25 hp. Tiller steer, short shaft, electric start. $1500, pick up preferred. 71323 is a more accurate zip code to use for location. Will not ship. Would consider meeting within a reasonable distance.
  2. Fordtech86

    JIS to BCI battery conversion chart.

    This gets brought up fairly often here, so I wanted to add a chart to help others in the future. OE batteries in Kubotas use a JIS (Japanese Industiral Standards) rating system. Here in the States/Canada we use BCI (Battery Counsil International) group system. Here is a chart to easily...
  3. Fordtech86

    Thinking about buying a boat

    Recent threads have really got me thinking about life… Very few things I can do in life, but I can drive a boat. Maybe I could make a difference and head to the Arctic to help clean this up (even though I have contributed nothing to...
  4. Fordtech86

    Who really loves OTT?

    Just a thought 🤔
  5. Fordtech86

    Another Orange in town

    Was driving past the local Bad Boy dealer this morning and noticed they had a couple tractors sitting out front. Didn’t know they got into the sub/compact tractor market.
  6. Fordtech86

    Why does OTT hate Safari?

    @Mr. K Sorry to bother you again. Its been getting worse (I started really noticing it a few months ago). I only use my iPhone to get on here. There is constant refreshing while scrolling and reading through. When trying to reply it will refresh and lose half of what you typed, sometimes...
  7. Fordtech86

    Connection issues 9/23

    @Mr. K Anybody else experiencing connection issues to OTT today? I keep getting throughout the day. Will last about 10-20 minutes usually. Have had no issues with any other site. Also still keep getting the constant refreshing when viewing or replying to threads. I only use my iPhone so...
  8. Fordtech86

    L01 series toolbox

    Stumbled upon this tonight, thought it was interesting and figured I’d share it. No affiliation with this company. Kubota L-01 Series Tractor Dashboard Tool Box and Adapter L2501, L3301, L3901, L4701 Edit...
  9. Fordtech86

    Watch out for your CATS

    Catalytic converter theft has always been a thing but tends to come and go in waves. We have been seeing a bunch of them come in since around the first of the year, also been a lot of reports on our private Ford dealer forum lately all across the country. I know most of us live in rural...
  10. Fordtech86

    TruFuel question

    This maybe a stupid question, but who uses the TruFuel mixed gas for their 2 strokes? I was running the stihl motomix for my stuff which has a green color to it, I did get the Husqvarna gas last time out of convenience and it has a blue color to it. Today I grabbed a can of TruFuel 50:1 mix out...
  11. Fordtech86

    Just a little more horsepower
  12. Fordtech86

    Pond help please

    Need some help with my oxidation pond. Started last year leaking into the ground around the pond. I say leaking but it might actually be coming out of the overflow pipe (guess thats what it is?). But the water level has been significantly lower since last year so I don’t get how it would be...
  13. Fordtech86

    Talking tires Someday your tires may be connected to the world.
  14. Fordtech86

    L series owners with bh77

    What have y’all done with the hook that holds the top link up when back hoe is removed and you have nothing on the 3 pt or switching implements? I added the hoe a couple months ago and did the install myself so maybe some of y’all don’t know it had one if you bought new and had dealer install...
  15. Fordtech86

    Thanks Rhino USA! Awesome customer service.

    There have been a few posts over the past few months about customer service, I wanted to share my positive experience because being in the service business you always hear about the bad experiences but rarely the positive. I had ordered a tow strap from Rhino USA from Amazon about a year ago. I...
  16. Fordtech86

    Can I add top n tilt this way?

    Considering adding top n tilt to my L3200 and wondering if this will work. Can I take a valve like this And run my power beyond hose for the back hoe into...
  17. Fordtech86

    L3200 adding BH77

    Got a quote from my dealer for the BH77 and subframe kit for $8500. Wondering if that’s a decent price and what others paid. And how do you guys like it on the L series?
  18. Fordtech86

    Any residential hvac guys here?

    Hope somebody here can help me out. Strange issue that happens once every 4-6 weeks with my air conditioner. Outside unit will kick on and run fine, blower inside the house will not turn on, outside unit will not cut off and evaporator will freeze solid. Wait until it thaws out and turn it back...
  19. Fordtech86

    L3200 mystery coolant leak

    Past 3-4 times I have used the tractor I have been smelling antifreeze when it gets warmed up. Overflow jug slowly going down. Radiator staying full. Ran it with the radiator cap off and it’s not bubbling up like a head gasket. It has 220 hrs on it and has never ran hot or had any white smoke...
  20. Fordtech86

    Do I have a hog problem?

    Was out walking with the kids looking for deer tracks (they love looking for tracks) and came across what appears to be damage from wild hogs. What do y’all say? The way the sun was I couldn’t get the best pics. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk