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  1. Daren Todd

    5G switch

    Had my phone tank out a couple days ago. Everything g on the data side worked. Could face time call, text, use the internet, ect... But couldn't make a bloody phone call. 🤬🤬🤬🤬 Texted my wife and she was having the same issue 🤔🤔🤔🤔 We use straight talk for our service and have unlocked ATT...
  2. Daren Todd

    Rabid animals

    Encountered this little guy yesterday just after leaving a rock quarry. Came around a corner and this fox was just sitting in the road 🤔🤔🤔🤔 This immediately set off the alarm bells. Never seen a fox just "hang" out somewhere. Pulled up to it in an F550 service truck pulling a 10,000lb piece...
  3. Daren Todd

    Pop up adds

    For the past couple days when I click on a sub forum, a full size add for face book pops up and takes over the screen. I then have to exit out of the add before the sub forum will load up. I understand the need for paying the bills. But that is extremely annoying.
  4. Daren Todd

    How many are still using satellite or cable for TV?

    Wife and I got away from satellite TV a few years ago when our internet speed improved. We've been getting by with an amplified antennae on the roof and a roku stick for Netflix and prime video. For Christmas this year my wife wanted a new TV. So we took advantage of the black Friday deals and...
  5. Daren Todd

    Weird tire issue

    so today was a first. I was hauling a piece of equipment to a jobsite. Noticed some vibration as I was driving. But that stretch of interstate was rough anyway. When I was was taking off at an intersection after exiting the interstate I noticed the equipment hoping on one side like the tire was...
  6. Daren Todd

    Would you use this feature?

    My wife pointed this out to me the other day. Google has added a notification to our phones. By using a participating app, you can notify people around you anonymously that your infected. Or get word that someone near by is infected. So, what do you think?
  7. Daren Todd

    Heating/ AC fitting help

    Alright guys I need some help here. Ordered a mini split ductless ac unit from amazon. Everything was going great with the install until I hit a road block. The line set will not connect to the condenser out side :mad: Upon further inspection, I realized that the unit has the same size...
  8. Daren Todd

    Dealer gripe

    This isn't about the local bota dealer so hence the off topic :D A while back my 09 1500 Sierra developed a small oil leak. It was losing about 1 quart every 2000 miles. Not a big deal. More of a nuisance then than anything. Leak was on the back side of the engine and running on top of the...
  9. Daren Todd

    Added electric brakes to my trailer

    Bought my trailer a few years ago, cheap!!!! Been a great trailer, but my only complaint was that it didn't have electric brakes. Been dealing with Liberty trailer down in North Little Rock. I was in a few weeks ago for some trailer parts for the shop and happened to ask how much brake...
  10. Daren Todd

    Z121S versus Bad Boy Zero Turn

    This is just a friendly comparison. My neighbor and I bought our zero turns within a couple months of each other. I figured I would post a comparison of the two just for general info. Both mowers have the same size 48" deck and 27hp Kohler engines and the same transaxles. Both look almost...
  11. Daren Todd

    Junk shop find!! My next project.

    Just thought I would share my find. It's also gonna be my next project around the house. This is where you guys come in. I'm looking for ideas for some bar stools. I found the seats for the stools. 3 of them to be exact. Haven't decided if I'm gonna weld up the stools. Or make them out of wood...
  12. Daren Todd

    Nature pictures

    I know guys, some of you get some pretty good pictures of the areas your in. Let's see some of them :D I took these on a recent swamp tour in Slidell Louisiana. The first one is probably a once in a life time, snapped it at the perfect moment :D Cause that gator flew out of the water :eek...
  13. Daren Todd

    Gas getting into crank case

    Ok guys. I got a conundrum I'm trying to solve for my in-laws. They have a Yamaha Grizzley 600 that they purchased a few years ago. Four wheeler is anywhere from 15 to 20 years old. Has probably been sitting for a couple years. Anyway, got it over to my house. Changed the spark plug. Cleaned the...
  14. Daren Todd

    Anti virus software

    Ok guys. I've been a long time user of Kaspersky antivirus. My software renews through best buy. Got a notice from best buy the other day stating they are no longer in a partnership with Kaspersky and offer me a free year of Trend Micro anti virus software whom I never heard of. Checked out...
  15. Daren Todd

    Sub frame build for a loader

    Picked up a woods DuAl 145 loader for my L1501. Loader was off from a Massey 1010 tractor. So the original sub frame was pretty much useless except for some parts. Started with a couple pieces of anflgle iron on the sides of the tractor for a pattern. Plus to get an idea where I needed to...
  16. Daren Todd

    Automotive safety features that........

    So, ever come across a feature on a vehicle that is supposed to improve safety but may not work as intended ???? :confused::rolleyes::p Wife's jeep is a manual transmission. Well at some point some engineer came up with "Hill Assist". It's intent is to prevent the vehicle from rolling back...
  17. Daren Todd

    Picture testing

    Just testing to get my pictures to load correctly :D
  18. Daren Todd

    Auxiliary Hydraulics

    OK guys. Got a chance to pick up a loader that will fit my tractor with minor fabrication. :D I'm looking for pictures from some of the folks that either have an L1500, L1501, L175 or L185 with auxiliary hydraulic pump mounted to the front of your tractor. My L1501 does have the splined shaft...
  19. Daren Todd

    Weed Wacker recommendation????

    OK guys, my Weed Wacker bit the dust today. Had a troybilt 4 stroke which has lasted 7 years. It's one of the straight shafts that has multiple attachments for it. Which I happen to have most of the attachments. The must have for the new weed wacker is to be able to use the attachments I've...
  20. Daren Todd

    Re-decking a trailer

    Boards were pretty rotten on my 16ft dove tail trailer. To the point where I went through it with the tractor :eek: Replaced the decking today. And it really wasn't to bad to replace. The hard part was removing the old boards. Then had a piece of flat stock steel and a piece of angle...