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  1. Bulldog

    Synthetic or Conventional motor oil in Kubota diesels

    Just something to think about because I believe you left out a couple of things that need to be factored in to your equation. 1. Can't just look at cost alone. Need to compare a standard 5k ($19) oil change to a 25k ($50) oil change. 5 Cheap changes is right at a $100. 1 synthetic change is $50...
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    Fram Oil Filter for BX2680?

    I wondered that myself. It's not like it needs changing once a month.
  3. Bulldog

    L3300 Loader

    Look for a local hydraulic shop. I had all 4 of mine built on mu LA450S this spring for $200.
  4. Bulldog

    Diesel Transfer Tanks/Pump

    Started out with a 55 gallon drum and fill-rite hand pump. Went to a 55 gallon L step tank with fill-rite electric pump. Then added a 105 L step with GPI electric pump in another truck. Plus a 275 and 600 gallon bulk tanks both with fill-rite electric pumps. All with Goldenrod filters. Don't...
  5. Bulldog

    Fram Oil Filter for BX2680?

    I'd rather run a used Kubota filter instead of a new fram. That's probably the worst filter on the market.
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    I put a Kubota canopy on my first M9000. It was nice and came with insulation already on it. I built the one on my L 3000 and made it how I wanted. Plus saved about $300 compared to oem.
  7. Bulldog

    M8200 pto issue

    How many hrs on the tractor? What kind of fluid did you use?
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    Hydrolic filter and fluid change.

    Without knowing what has been done to it and how often I'd suggest doing a full service including hyd fluid and anti-freeze. Then you have a base point to start your own schedule from. And don't cheap out. Use sudt2 and Kubota filters.
  9. Bulldog

    Tractor Time with Tim - LX3310 and RHINOAG TS10 Flex-Wing problems

    The 1000 lb was the tongue weight. That cutter is close to 3000 lbs.
  10. Bulldog

    Tractor Time with Tim - LX3310 and RHINOAG TS10 Flex-Wing problems

    I don't care what Rhino says. At some point common sense has to kick in and realize no 25 hp tractor should have a 10' cutter behind it. To me it's just asking to get somebody killed. With more new owners trying things like this before long a heart broken family member is going to have to share...
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    Tractor Time with Tim - LX3310 and RHINOAG TS10 Flex-Wing problems

    Looks like a perfect example of trying to use a implement that was never designed for that size tractor. I've seen several posts on FB with that cutter being put behind 30ish hp tractors. No way I would ever do that. Simply not enough tractor. Reminds me of my buddy pulling his race car...
  12. Bulldog

    Rear tires for the M9000

    Friend of mine ordered a set of BKT radials for one of his tractors on-line. Even with shipping they were only like $1500 for both rears. Might look at doing something like that.
  13. Bulldog

    Reart wheel weights for M9000?

    You may be right. I'll have to look at mine to see. I ordered mine with cast centers when I bought it.
  14. Bulldog

    Reart wheel weights for M9000?

    Use anti-freeze and water instead of calcium. Might try the dealer for the cast centers. They weren't that high when I ordered the tractor but getting them after the fact may be a different story.
  15. Bulldog

    1 or 2

    My experience when 2 cylinders are doing the same job when you only repair one the other will go shortly after. I'd do both and be done with it.
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    Synthetic or Conventional motor oil in Kubota diesels

    Man, you guys are getting soft. I remember back in the day when synthetic was mentioned it was like getting kicked in the nuts while trying to smack the color off a rattle snake. Glad to see some are a little more open minded now. Hedgerow, I changed mine over to Amsoil on the first change and...
  17. Bulldog

    Fresh Fuel?

    That's why I asked. Each person has different needs and if jugs fit the bill for you that's what I would use. I had to use a 5 gallon jug when I had my tank off my M for repair. I was thinking how much I hated it and that was only one jug. Filling my bulk tanks is easy. I just call my fuel guy...
  18. Bulldog

    Fresh Fuel?

    I'm just curious. Instead of keeping that many jugs why not get a drum and a hand pump or a small bulk tank? looks like that would make life much easier.
  19. Bulldog

    PTO Engaging - No Clutch

    It sounds like you got lucky. A flail mower doesn't take as much power to get up to speed as say a rotary cutter. I would say on a implement that takes a lot of power he would have found the weak link by engaging at high rpm's. Personally I always engage at low idle and bring the implement up to...
  20. Bulldog

    So I went ahead and let a little air out..................

    I have R1 tires but I don't run but about 14 psi in the rear year round and run 30 psi in the front of my loader tractor.