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    My dog beat cancer

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    Fuel prices

    Hummm sounds like an open door for somebody that has a pellet mill,, just sayin ;) And maybe stock piling diesel might be a good idea too. Load it up with a stabilizer in a sealed 55 gallon drum,, wonders how that would work.. And the last time I had bell bottoms on was 1970, dress blues on a...
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    Processing Firewood the Professional Redneck Way

    It sure helps when you have a strong young buck to help
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    Guns...Times have changed...

    Good points, to a point. Bad guys are going to do bad things plain and simple. There are enough firearms laws onthe books, that "should keep the guns out of the bad guys hands". But that does not happen, WHY ? Stolen firearms, straw purchases, smuggled, yes I said smuggled. Well how can that...
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    Selecting a box blade for a subcompact

    Really the main thing you have to remember weather a 48 inch or 60 inch, is that you are going to do. Remember you have a SMALL tractor and you dont have the weight to get super aggressive with any 3pt attachment. Will the BX series work hard, darn right it will, will it do things that make...
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    Ear Candy...

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    Guns...Times have changed...

    Man Im glad I lost all my guns in that boating accident on lake Erie
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    Fuel prices

    If I have to explain it to you,,,, you wouldnt understand
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    Need new belts for the John Deere 400. What's the best quality to buy?

    You can get a 5 point harness from Summit Racing
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    What if there were no swear words

    Samuel L Jackson would have nothing to say
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    Processing Firewood the Professional Redneck Way

    Man for what you paid for the wood you could heat your house for a year
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    What does everyone collect or do for a hobby?

    When I was young I use to collect redheads,,, got way to expencive though
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    What size rotary 3-point tiller can i run on my kubota b2100, hydro, 4wd

    An old rule of thumb was as far as I can remember, was 1 foot of PTO implement per 5hp of PTO hp,, more or less . Now with this cavoite, just because you can run bigger does not mean you should,,, just MHO
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    New garden question

    You nailed it, turning is a major point people miss
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    Was looking at box blades

    Maybe a farm sale or a house auction, but I have seen things go for more at those things than for new
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    Fuel prices

    Start when they are a pup and you can control them till they die
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    What's cookin' boys?

    I went down in the freezer for bread,, and wound up coming up with stew meat tomatoes black beans, a jug of beef stock, and a pack of frozen veggies,, I mean now what do I do,, slowcooker stew
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    Fuel prices

    An old fellow told me back inthe 70s when there was the last gas crunch,, if they control the food and fuel,, they control the masses,, Seems to be so
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    Was looking at box blades

    Yes Sir every thing is kind of dear now a days
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    What type of Diesel fuel?

    Off road no road tax,, supposedly but I figure its mixed in ther some how