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  1. Bulldog

    First day using new baler

    On the way to the field for the first time. And the picture of her first one. I'm a very happy camper. This thing will eat some hay and makes a pretty bale.
  2. Bulldog

    New toy for next year

    After a long summer of doing hay by myself I got me a new baler to speed things up. I'm hoping it will make life easier.
  3. Bulldog

    Safety shields

    I know they can be a PIA and for most when the safety shield on pto shafts get damaged or wear out they are removed and thrown away. I have a couple with either bad or missing covers myself. Even though it does cost to replace them it's probably the best thing we could do to protect ourselves...
  4. Bulldog

    Fuel tank

    Well finally had the time to repair my leaking fuel tank on my M9000. Been putting it off all hay season. Never could figure out why it was leaking because I hadn't hit anything. After grinding off the factory weld from around the drain plug I don't see how it made it this long. It was full of...
  5. Bulldog

    Never planned for this

    Out yesterday on the back 40 just having the best day. Cool air, cold water, M9000 and batwing doing what they do. Then the $hit hit the fan. Felt a hard bump and got turned around just in time to see the hyd lines ripped from the tractor. Batwing down, literally it's on the ground with the...
  6. Bulldog

    Airplane tires

    Not really Kubota related but is pulled with a Kubota. Don't know how many have aircraft tires on their cutters but a flat tire, actually 3 was a 2 day PIA. Called everywhere trying to find a shop to work on them and nobody would help out. Even called the local airport and they didn't/couldn't...
  7. Bulldog

    Bad service

    Trying to mow the yard and heard a bang behind me. Half way through the 20th mowing season and the original belt decided to let go. Can't really complain about that. Now for the bad service. The dealer where I bought one tractor from and all my Bushhog implements from have recently dropped...
  8. Bulldog

    Spring maintenance

    Just wondering who else is in full blown maintenance mode? With everything else that normally goes on plus rebuilding fence I've managed to do a full service on my L3000. Started a full service on my M9000. 2 new tires on my tedder and 8 new wheel bearings. I guess when I get done with the...
  9. Bulldog

    Sight glass

    So I wash washing the winters worth of cow mud off the L3000 this afternoon and I guess the water pressure blew the sight glass off. Seems pretty straight forward to replace but thought I would ask if anyone else had done it and had any do's or don'ts to pass along. I just hope my dealer has...
  10. Bulldog

    Thanks NIW

    I know we all have the right to choose whether we agree or disagree with advise or suggestions here on OTT. It's one thing to disagree with some or all advise but to ask for it then turn around and disrespect everyone that's trying to help is total BS. Wolfman, I for one am glad you put the...
  11. Bulldog

    Bad start to hay season

    It's been a hard start this year. Everything I've touched has broke down. Hyd line on my L3000. Then my lift cylinder on my mower. About set my baler on fire with a bad bearing today and my L3000 started running hot. This is what I wanted to get to. Just changed the antifreeze and put a new fan...
  12. Bulldog

    Do you know what you're buying

    Type of hyd fluid is a regular subject here and gets heated at times. What can I use? Why buy Kubota? What's wrong with TSC (and other) cheap fluid? In the reading room tonight and ran across a front page article in the Ga market bulletin about 303 hyd fluid. I'll hit a few high lights...
  13. Bulldog

    Don't make em like they used to

    I had to put a fan belt on my L3000 today. It hadn't come apart yet but it was on it's last leg. Dang thing only lasted 18 years. What's the world coming to :confused:
  14. Bulldog

    Hay fields

    I don't know about you guys but the grass is turning green and I'm ready to get back to the hay. I'm curious what's everyone else see for the upcoming year. I'm afraid it's going to be another wet one. I spent more time in 4wd than I ever have last season and made more ruts than I could fix...
  15. Bulldog

    Massey 1617 tedder

    Anybody have any knowledge or input about a 1617 tedder? My current 752 JD broke and I found this massey tedder. It needs new teeth and a couple arms but I've never even seen one before and know nothing about them. I don't want to waste time or money if these are junk to begin with. Thanks.
  16. Bulldog

    My office today

    Yeah I know it's not orange but it's a beast. It was still quality seat time. Makes my one ton look like a toy. :D 275 hp with 15' Great Plains turbo till.
  17. Bulldog

    clutch Cable

    Well, got my clutch cable put on my 9000. I think the worst part was putting the dash back together, tach cable is a real PIA. Glad to have my baby going again and got it back in the dry just as the rain started. :D It broke last Saturday afternoon so it was Monday before I could order one. It...
  18. Bulldog

    M 8540

    I have a question for any of the 8540 owners. Do any of you have clutch problems. The one I ran yesterday had a awful feeling clutch. It was very stiff to push in and when trying to start off unless it was really feathered it would just grab and launch. It felt more like a drag car clutch than...
  19. Bulldog

    Front wheels

    Need some input. I was helping bale hay last week and one of the other tractors was a M9000 like mine. As it was coming thru the field I thought to myself, it sure looks wide. End of the day I looked it over and the front and rear wheels both were set as wide as they could go. I remember...
  20. Bulldog

    L Series Axle Vent

    I bought this several years back and put it where I wouldn't forget it. Anyway I ran across it today and thought I better install it while it was in my hand. It fit a wide range of of L series tractors. I thought I would pass on the info, I know I'm not the only one with pressure build up in the...