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  1. Bmyers

    Reminder to be safe

    First article is a man ran over by his tractor: TOWN OF CLYMAN (WLUK) -- A 67-year-old man was severely injured when a tractor ran him over Monday in southern Wisconsin...
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    Happy Mother's Day

    Wishing all the mother's out there a happy Mother's day. I was blessed with a wonderful mother and grandmothers. Many times, one doesn't realize how blessed you are till the person is gone.
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    Looks like the Canucks are pushing back

    Doing a little research it appears that they had rallies occurring all across Canada
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    Stay safe out there

    Watching live video on the large fire in Colorado. It is amazing how fast the fire is moving. Praying for all the families impacted and it will be miracle if no one is killed. Colorado wildfires send residents scrambling for cover, force two towns to evacuate | Fox News
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    Did you make it through the storms?

    Our area and surrounding States got hit by some strong storms last night. I know just across river St. Charles County in Missouri got hit hard and just south of us the Amazon warehouse partially collapsed. Once the sun comes up, I believe dad and I will be heading out to the farm to see if any...
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    I broke one of my rules

    Well, in years past I have had a standing rule, NO Christmas music, no Christmas tree, no Christmas lights until after Thanksgiving. I'm so tired of all the negativity that seems to come from all directions, I broke my rule this year. Christmas tree came up over the weekend, Christmas music on...
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    Not orange, but could make shortages even greater

    I know it is John Deere going on strike, but in my mind this could make the tractor shortage even greater. If you were looking for a new Deere, but can't get it, you will start looking other places, which could bring more orange owners, but in turn add to the shortage across the board. More...
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    Morning didn't start the way I planned

    I was heading to the farm, just driving along enjoying my morning. As I came over a hill in the road and found a big surprise standing there. I quickly came to a stop and engaged my hazards, working to get to the side of the road. I made it to the side of the road and got out. I got my new...
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    New products coming in 2022

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    Watch those hills

    Read this article in the paper this morning. A man was driving his John Deere mower up a hill and it flipped over on him trapping him. He had to be airlifted from the scene. Godfrey man airlifted after mowing accident (
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    Not a good day at the farm

    We got to the farm this morning a little after 7:30 and went to get in the barn and the door knob didn't work. I couldn't get it to turn and in the process of trying to turn it, the door just opened. Didn't think much about it, we went in and toolbox laying on the ground open and thought maybe...
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    Right to repair

    Interesting video about an Executive Order that has been signed. The problem I see, we already have the law in place, yet until the FTC does something, it doesn't matter.
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    Reading other post on another topic got me thinking about how schools and the education system has changed. How schools have changed since I was there, I never would of thought about shooting my mouth off to a teacher. I remember in Jr. High, I got a swat (yes I'm old enough that kids got...
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    Simple change helped making the measurements more accurate

    I'm guessing those 45 and older most likely was taught how to read a tape measure by their dad, grandpa, or in shop class. What some can do without thinking is becoming a lost skill for many. My first time noticing this was on a job site when two people from (I won't mention the company) was...
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    What a change in the weather

    Friday we were at 101 with 93% humidity. This morning went out to go to the gym, 51 and 80% humidity. The heat kicked on in the SUV on the way to the gym. Looked at the temperature at the farm, 48 degrees there. Although the cool temps are short lived, they sure are nice.
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    Another reminder to be careful with your tractor

    I just read this article about a tractor overturning. It sounds like they (adult and child) was working next to the pond with a tractor and it overturned into the pond. The adult was able to escape, the child was trapped until the fire department was able to rescue the child. Child rushed to...
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    Right to Repair

    The FTC has released a report stating that companies are violating consumer's rights. Lehto has a video about it. It is a promising step in the right direction, but still more has to be done and only time will tell if the FTC follow throughs with their own report.
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    Which one of you did this?

    ‘I was gonna T-bone him’: Tractor driver helps end police chase ( The retired law enforcement diver threw his 17-year-old orange Kabota tractor into high gear and parked across the driveway to block the car from getting past him. “I was gonna T-bone him. I put it in high gear, got...
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    Illinois Rules of the Road

    For those of you in Illinois, the Farm Bureau has released the updated guide for rules of the road for farmers and farm implements. 21-81-2021-rules-for-the-road-booklet-interactive.pdf ( It has a lot of handy information in one place.
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    Might be able to find some cheap diesel tractors in OR in few years

    GOP SAYS SUPERMAJORITY DECLARES WAR ON WORKING CLASS - KQEN News Radio The article states that the supermajority in there House has proposed a bill to outlaw diesel fuel statewide by 2028. I'm not sure they have thought about the impact of this since not only cars, pickups, semis, tractors...