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  1. mcfarmall

    LA1154 "fast dump" feature

    Recently I've read a few threads that mention a "fast dump" feature on the LA1154 loader. There is an old thread from 2018 that resurfaced today that mentions this feature again. My loader valve has the float position for the boom that engages when you exert a significant amount of force...
  2. mcfarmall

    Windshield washer fluid

    Here's a new twist on an old favorite! Last week my daughter wanted me to supervise her checking the oil in her car, and she also stated that her WW fluid was gone. She even bought a gallon at WalMart for the occasion. We popped the hood and she checked the oil no problem and we went straight...
  3. mcfarmall

    The Cut Hut

    Got this open sided shelter framed up today to protect the RCD1884 from the elements. The base is a huge, heavy pallet salvaged from work. I have to order the Pro Rib galvanized metal roofing and install it before winter. I have another ginormous pallet that I'm going to do the same thing to...
  4. mcfarmall

    ISO 5675 couplers

    Already looked in the manual and came up blank...2020 M5660 rear remote couplers. It appears by inspection that they are the ISO 5675 with poppet, not ball. The dust door says Faster on it but I didn't see anything stamped on the body that said 5675. I need to purchase a pair of the male...
  5. mcfarmall

    E-PTO and regens while working

    This is a question for those of you with the E-PTO option on your Tier IV tractors. I have read my manual many times from cover to cover, even before making my purchase...that's how weird I am, so if the answer is in the manual I surely would have found it. When operating the tractor using the...
  6. mcfarmall

    My version of the grille guard

    I welded rolled expanded steel on my grapple to protect the tractor grille. I don't drive my tractor through brush and trees so I didn't want to alter the one on the tractor.
  7. mcfarmall

    Classes of pallet forks

    I learned something today and thought I'd pass it along after searching the internet, OTT and TBN. I watched a video from Good Works Tractors and Courtney was discussing a new stump bucket attachment that he will be offering which is designed for any Class 2 pallet fork attachment. Not knowing...
  8. mcfarmall

    How about a smartphone app?

    I have to use OTT from my DuckDuckGo app on my phone which is kind of cumbersome, but it works. Any possibilities to get an app for Android and Apple phones? TractorByNet has an app that works pretty well.
  9. mcfarmall

    SSQA mod

    Welded a length of chain to the levers with a small carabiner snap hook to prevent inadvertent opening of the latches from sticks, etc. Will thread the chain through a piece of silastic tubing so the paint doesn't get rubbed through. Picture was taken with the bucket hyper-extended in the dump...
  10. mcfarmall

    Proud owner of a new M5660

    Took delivery of my new M5660 the afternoon of 11/6/2020. Put 2.1 hours on it over the weekend. I'm pretty happy with my purchase and it will be used to do the chores that the old Farmall C had been doing and a few new jobs that the C couldn't do. I'm liking the hydraulic shuttle! I bought...
  11. mcfarmall

    Kubota "Shockless Ride" accumulator

    Anybody have one of these on their loader? Thinking about getting one on my tractor when I order it. it worth the $$$ or not so much? Thanks in advance.
  12. mcfarmall

    What does this mean?

    I was browsing through the M5660 manual that I printed off the internet and in the section on the PTO/engine hour readout operation there was an illustration that showed what the display would look like in the PTO mode and it was 540 n/m. What does n/m stand for? I can figure out r/m to be a...
  13. mcfarmall

    Dangerous situation!

    Stopped in at my neighborhood Kubota dealer today just to see if they had an M5660 SUHD on the lot...the tractor of my desires. I went out to the lot and there sat one. After climbing up and around it for a few minutes, looking underneath, envisioning me using it, etc., I went inside to see if...
  14. mcfarmall

    New member introduction

    Hello everyone! Just signed up tonight and I'm looking forward to being a member here. I don't have a Kubota tractor yet but I have been drooling for one for many years and will soon be approaching the mid-life crisis years. I told my wife (joking of course) that I'm either getting a...