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  1. Henro

    B2650 pro will not engage…

    Are you sure the way you disabled the switch is still working? Perhaps the wires separated if you jumped the switch out. Seems to be working as it should now. See the notes in the image below. (Image from the B2650 operator’s manual) Not sure of what else goes into the OPC, or what the logic...
  2. Henro


    that was the reason for my:ROFLMAO:…;)
  3. Henro

    Fuel prices

    LOL...the indefinite "they" that has no real meaning without definition... Please do define, although personally I don't care really...
  4. Henro

    Guns...Times have changed...

    IBTL does not strike a meaning in my mind...explain please...
  5. Henro

    Top N Tilt

    OK, so much for technicalities...BUT the thread title IS Top & Tilt. Doubt anyone would use a single acting valve on a top and tilt setup...
  6. Henro

    Guns...Times have changed...

    I was thinking about when I was a 75, so that was a while ago. We had a local thrift store, and they had a barrel that was filled with rifles...I remember what me and by buddie bought was a 303 something or other. Being teenagers of some age, well under age of 18, we just wanted to...
  7. Henro

    Extreme Tire Repairs - Two methods

    Made it completely through the first video. Second one I ran out of steam. Amazing how things are done in places where labor cost is probably 1000 times replacement cost...Been to Pakistan and India in the past as a poor traveler...understand the differences. Enjoyed the videos...even though I...
  8. Henro

    What if there were no swear words

    I think every language has words that are considered negative for some reason. I wonder why that is. My only experience is with English and Japanese. Native speaker of English, and I plod along in Japanese fairly well...and do know that both languages have taboo words and phrases. I assume...
  9. Henro

    2022 LX2610 HSD. Loader

    I don't think so. But would love to hear why you would want to do this... Of course, like a 3PH, the loader can only go down so far, due to the mechanical setup. Edit: Front PTO, not sure. But both my tractors have mid PTOs, with the mid one pointing to the front...
  10. Henro

    Some of you may remember my Post about my B2601 breaking in half!

    So it seems that: Your tractor seems to have an issue with the HST pump circuit, and not the hydraulic circuit that probably has a separate pump, and is independent of the HST circuit. Your problem is that the tractor loses power to move when it is under load. The hydraulic circuit that...
  11. Henro

    Need new belts for the John Deere 400. What's the best quality to buy?

    I offered the same/similar suggestion in one of the other is what I would do.
  12. Henro

    What if there were no swear words

    My mom is long gone now, but was a bit of a character. I remember her telling me once, she made sure nobody was home, went in the the basement stairs, closed the door, and said the F word out loud, just to experience it once in her lifetime! :LOL:
  13. Henro

    The right way to engage pto

    The OP's post sounds like he does not have a clutch that disables the PTO, and rather that it may be a electrically operated hydraulic clutch that activates the PTO. I could be wrong, but since he says with the clutch in, he gets a huge shock when the PTO switch is turned on, I think the PTO...
  14. Henro

    2022 Kubota LX2610 jerky

    Just a thought, but how about going back to the dealer and trying out the loaders (and so on) on a few different tractors, to see if yours operates differently. If yours is considerably different, get them to fix it.
  15. Henro

    Some of you may remember my Post about my B2601 breaking in half!

    I think this is a great thought. When I dead end a cylinder I can hear the PRV activate, but the sound is not like what is shown in that video. BUT if a PRV WAS defective, maybe it might make a sound like that. Increased load likely means increased system pressure...PRV trips, pressure drops...
  16. Henro

    BX2370 won't restart after shutdown unless battery is jumped

    I think your original post confirms that you very likely found the root issue. Makes total sense now...Thanks for the follow up.
  17. Henro

    Making your own Hydraulic Hoses

    Struck a blank on what DHH stood for! But google was my friend...eventually. for those who wonder... 🥴 I am sure they are a good source. Shipping cost and wait time for a "need it now" single hose might be an issue. Will certainly keep them in mind for planned...
  18. Henro

    Making your own Hydraulic Hoses

    Thanks Dan, I think that is what I remember. At $20 each would be cheaper than the Parker store, but likely not cheaper than somewhere local like NAPA.
  19. Henro

    Making your own Hydraulic Hoses

    It’s been a while since I put my top and tilt rear remotes together on my tractor. But I remember that I bought some fittings that allowed me to cut hose to the lengths I needed(4 remotes), and then somehow I screwed a male fitting into the end of the hose and then a female outer pieces that...
  20. Henro

    B2601 - Mowing & Weight

    I did not know we were ending it out your way...happy to to stop ending it though...maybe that will shift more of it your way! I thought it was my imagination telling me the grass here was growing a warp speed! Shifting some of the rain your way might be helpful slowing things down...