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  1. Jchonline

    New L02 Series! And the new video! So far 33 and 39 HP are listed.
  2. Jchonline

    Somehow got a LOADER!

    Hi Everyone, Long story short: We had some major fire damage last year to about 5 acres of our property. This coupled with a bunch of other tasks suited for an excavator made us consider making a purchase. We currently have a very capable M62 (bought 2018) that has been a fantastic...
  3. Jchonline

    5 ton excavator at high altitude (KX057 or U48)

    Hello Everyone, I am at 8600-9000 ft and looking at a 5 ton excavator for property management. My property is about 45 acres, high mountain climate with pines, firs, and aspen. Last year I had a fire come through and burn probably 5 total acres of it. After a few years of experience with...
  4. Jchonline

    Upgrading lights on M62 TLB

    Hi Everyone, in case there is any interest I will post my "mini" project here. The goal is to replace the standard work lights on the M62 with LEDs and add some additional. To give you some reference, here is the before picture. I am replacing the forward and rear facing lights with...