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    Before and after photos of the hurricane region

    A local TV station just posted a link to some upper level photos of the Hurricane sandy destruction. It's eye opening for those of us that don't have to live this horror.
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    On Monday my son-in-law will be shipping out from our local Post, Ft. Campbell Ky for his second tour to Afghanistan. We will be storing his new car in a local garage. The question is, Is the product "Sta-bil" still the recommended product for fuel system protection with a topped off, full, tank...
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    You guys looking for a backhoe?

    I saw this listed near where I used to live and thought someone in our orange community might be interested in the little backhoe. Its NOT mine, I DO NOT know the owners, just trying to pass a possible good find along. good luck,
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    4ft kubota Disc and 1 Bottom plow

    I've got a 4 ft disc that is labeled Kubota. Great shape but I havent used this year. Also have a single bottom plow with coulter and guide wheel. both cat 1. Both used with a B600dt and a B7100dt Asking $225 each picked up here in west ky. Pic's HERE.
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    Alternator Ideas

    Hey Guys, cant sleep much so my mind is streaming a few ideas tonight to amuse itself. First off, I'm wanting to locate an internally excited alternator (1 wire) prefer GM for a project. problem is part stores around here are telling me nothing like that exists or was ever made, Bull-ony! Dad...
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    Understanding HYD issues

    I've been trying to learn what I could about various Hyd installations that can been found on our various tractors. I'm pretty much a "doofus" because I've never really been exposed to fluid dynamics in my working career. Armed with the knowledge of my "doofusness" I've been searching for...
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    Any Beekeepers here?

    Well I've had this fantasy for a few years now of keeping my own bee stocks. I was wanting to talk to some experienced keepers as to understand more, better. So....
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    Anyone seen this canopy before??

    I was looking through my email from a local farm- home supply type store and ran across this canopy. A Great Day canopy I have not seen these that I can recall. The discription reads in part, powder coated brackets and 1/4 inch thick poly...
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    steering wheel swaps

    I'm looking for a replacement steering wheel for my B6000. I've found some G5200 takeoff's in an ad on craigslist but, i dont know about interchange. anyone have ideas?? Thx,
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    Got Cabs??

    I was looking at some area craigslist ads and came across these two used cabs. I know they look larger and of a different flavor but, could be a good start for a custom design or retro-fit. I have NO affiliation with the owner just want to pass on a possible deal. You can see them here. kytim
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    48 in King Kutter tiller

    *****WITHDRAWN***** Hello all, With the time for paying tuition inching nearer I have decided I need to let my new KK tiller go. It's a 4 footer, I used it behind my B7100DT. I know it has less than 3hrs use. Heck theres very little paint wear off the tines. this is the orange model that is...
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    Wheel weights

    Morning all, I have acquired a set of front wheel weights for my B7100. My questions are this, what is the actual spec weight for each and being as they're currently rust colored what is the real color suppose to be? Natural iron which turns to rust or orange or ROPS blue/grey?
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    Anyone own an L2650?????

    Hey folks, I'm still looking to better the install of the tach in my B7100. It would be great if I could have a cable just a little longer to keep the curve radii from being so sharp. Hence I need some help from someone or a few folks. SDVic tells me a tach cable, #31341-34654 from an L2650 or...
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    Hyd. help needed

    Hi all, I need a little help on a topic I know very little about. My shop press has a removable ram with a hand powered pump connected with a hose. the problem is the ram leaks from the seals around the rod. oils will leak past the seal when the ram is anywhere but completely collapsed. the pump...
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    engine management

    Now that I have added a tach/hr meter to the dash of my B7100 I have begun to consider the other aspects of engine management, oil pressure, water temp, fuel level. I want to add these ideas to my tractor to lessen the chances of engine failure because of something simple. anyone have any...
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    Kubota supply problems?

    Just wondering what folks opinions are about new tractors and "spares?" All our world neighbors in Japan have really had a tough few days without a foreseeable change anytime soon. My prayers are with them. My actual question is; what quantity of tractors and components lies within the supply...
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    Hyd. Tap Block

    Hi, I have Hyd. block that allows power beyond that was a service kit on L2050,L2350, and L2500 4WD tractors W/loaders. Part#75546-91201 or whole goods #L1711. I got this for nothing and would like to use it for remotes for??? on my B7100. I have a Tap block already in the lines for the Hyd...
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    Finish mower idea

    While posting in another thread about a finish mower I remembered something that I saw on a friends mower last summer. He is an older gentleman, in most every sense of the word. while I was waiting on him one day while he was caring for his wife I was just "poking" around. I glanced at his...
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    More Off road Diesel disscussion

    This topic comes up as the fuel prices rise usually. A question I have is in the storage of fuel. Does the dye always stay in suspension or will the color separate after a period of time? how does the fuel behave after other additives are used, i.e. anti-gel and such? Does the container material...
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    Wanted: ROPS canopy

    Hi all I have a early, '77, B7100. I would really like to have a factory made kubota brand fiberglass canopy. I have a ROPS and really like the looks of the top but I dont think I want to buy a new one at $500! So...anyone have a line on a used canopy?? a repaint would be no big deal to me. I...