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  1. Matt Ellerbee

    Post hole digger with down pressure

    Is that what this cylinder is for? This came across marketplace while scrolling this morning. I'm not in the market, but was curious as to what this is for. Here's the ad, if anyone wants it...
  2. Matt Ellerbee

    Lucky guy

  3. Matt Ellerbee

    Disc harrows

    Thinking of adding some disc’s to the implement pile. Wanting to do a largish garden and maybe some food plots in the woods, to hopefully keep the deer out of the garden! FIL has a tiller and what I think is a cultivator? Would a set of disc compliment these or would something else be better...
  4. Matt Ellerbee

    Rotary cutter options

    I am in the market for a cutter. Looking at bush hog 216 and 316, woods BB72.50 and Landpride 1872. Are there any others to consider? Wanting 2-3” cut capacity, chains F&R. This will be behind a MX6000.
  5. Matt Ellerbee

    Grasshopper 325-D

    I am having problems with a few mowers at work. The stop solenoids work fine to kill the engine, but are not resetting for the next start up. D902 Kubota with I assume a 2 wire (but actually only one "wire" solenoid, ground is from mounting to engine) stop solenoid. Will kill engine every...
  6. Matt Ellerbee

    Kubota LX2610

    Item Name: FS Kubota LX2610 Location: Canton, Georgia Zip Code: 30115 Item is for: Sale Only Sale Price: 27,000 Willing to Ship: No Bill of Sale Required?: No Item Description: 2020 LX2610 32ish hours now. HST, larger tires from SU model, filled rears, 4wd, FEL, 60” bucket, 2 rear remotes...
  7. Matt Ellerbee

    Selling LX2610

    I am thinking of selling my LX2610. What is a realistic price to start at? LX2610 25ish hours First set of filters for 50hr service Large tires Canopy FEL with SSQA 60" bucket 2 rear remotes Summit 3rd function LP QH15 quick hitch LP 5' cutter and box blade (1560 box, 1860 cutter) EA 55"...
  8. Matt Ellerbee

    Cub cadet garden tractor

    Looking for a project. 1960’s-1980’s gear drive. No engine or deck is fine/preferred. What ya got? Closer to Georgia, the better.
  9. Matt Ellerbee

    Wanted: D905 or D1105

    Just putting some feelers out. Looking for something to tinker on and maybe use as a repower later on. D905 or D1105 preferred. Other Kubota 3 cylinders will be considered. Located in Georgia, willing to drive 100ish miles one way for a deal.
  10. Matt Ellerbee

    Summit 3rd function on LX2610

    This will not be a @bird dogger write up! Just some small changes from the B50 to the LX. I do not have a backhoe, but do have 2 rear remotes. Valve mounts to loader upright and the PB line same as the B50. The return to tank has a banjo instead of adapter and 90. And since it is a banjo, you...
  11. Matt Ellerbee

    Price check

    I’ve got what I believe is a 1958 Ford 601 or 641 workmaster. 4cyl gas. Has been converted to 12 volt and engine freshened up about 8 years ago. 3pt and PTO work as should. Has a boom pole, 5 or 6’ box scrape and 5 or 6’ rotary cutter. It was my late fathers and just trying to get an idea on...
  12. Matt Ellerbee

    Tractor shopping in Georgia

    Afternoon gentlemen, I am in the market for a tractor and *think* I have it figured out, but thought I’d ask here. Live on 2 acres now, about an acre of yard and the rest wooded. Would possibly build on inlaws land later. That would be about 7 acres heavily wooded and hills. Looking to mainly...