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    What fell off my tractor?

    2018 B2650. Lifted myself off the seat last night, this bolt fell onto the floor between my legs. Lifted the seat up to find the nut underneath. I can't find anything similar underneath or below the seat. No obvious empty holes that look recently occupied. Look familiar to anyone?
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    Land Pride PFL1242 Pallet Forks

    Has anyone heard of or had any experience with the new Land Pride PFL1242 forks? I can't find any mention of them with search here or pretty much anywhere. They're listed as 220 lbs, unsure if that includes forks or not though. I'm liking what I see so far and my dealer has one set left...
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    B2650 DRAIN/REPLACE Hydraulic Fluid

    I'm doing the 50 hour maintenence on my B2650. Done with the engine oil. I opted to burn cash I really don't have to spare to replace the hydraulic oil. I know it's not necessary, but I've heard it's not a bad idea. Since I'm replacing the filters anyway, I'll take the peace of mind of knowing I...
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    Maintenance Log

    I was sure I'd be able to find a multitude of posts on this but can't seem to find ANY (here nor other sites) . Just wondering if anyone knows of a/any decent programs or apps for keeping track of maintenence records? For tractors, particularly, but ideally other vehicles as well? Automobiles...
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    WSM: Color Photos?

    So I need a Workshop Manual for my B2650 (ROPS). My dealer wants $111 + $18 S&H (I assume that's rush delivery via helicopter). I've been looking at the Manualslib version which includes COLOR photos. I asked the service tech if this $129 + tax version featured color pictures and genuine...
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    Ignition wiring: Switch ON

    OK, I've likely spent over 90 cumulative minutes over the last several hours trying to find a wiring diagram or illustration showing what I'm looking for. I've tried Google, Google image, OTT, TBN, and the Kubota WSM site. I hate asking here what surely has been covered, but I'm apparently...
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    Mystery Switch!

    What is this?! I can't find it on the WSM schematics, and I can't seem to trace it back to whatever lever or mechanism actuates it... B2650, right side undercarriage, approximately 6" aft and slightly inside of the pedal.
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    Name that tool

    I'm frequently finding myself needing to pull various objects from the ground. Currently a number of chain link fencing posts cut beneath ground level by some sinister fiend. I've resorted to drilling holes and inserting bolts through as a means of providing purchase to loop my chain around to...
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    K7324 Alternator Kit Sourcing?

    So as several others over time have done or aspired to do, I am looking to replace the stupid dynamo in my 2018 B2650 ROPS HST to an alternator for the purpose of powering auxiliary lighting, laptop, coffee maker, TV/Blu-Ray, toaster oven, etc. From past threads on OTT and elsewhere, I have...
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    Bolt On Hooks on 2356 Bucket

    Happy Independence Day! I'm spending what will likely be the majority of the day attempting to install Ken's Bolt On Hooks to my B2650 with a 2356 bucket w/SSQA. I've been scouring YouTube and the internet but can't find anything regarding the installation with this particular bucket. This...
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    B2650 ROPS "Right Side" Outlet?

    Getting ready to put some lights on my B2650 (ROPS model) and can't seem to find one of the power supply terminals. On my fuse box, it lists 2 "outlets": "REAR" and "RIGHT SIDE". What I assume to be the rear, being in the back, was easily located, but I can't find the "Right Side" terminal. I'm...
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    Round amber haz light disassembly?

    Sorry, I'm sure this has been addressed but I can't find mention of it. I'm replacing lamps with LED bulbs on a new B2650. The others were easy but I'm stuck with these rear amber, round lights. How do they come apart? I'm hesitant to pry, they seem apt to crack, and I don't see any screws or...
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    Quote Review?

    Hey folks, been lurking for a good while, researching for eventual purchase. The day is nigh. Too close, in fact, kinda snuck up on me. Wish I'd have posted this earlier but I've been busy with work and life... Anyway, Kubota Field Event coming up on Saturday at my dealer. I was hoping to get...