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  1. Elliott in GA

    2022 LX2610 HSD. Loader

    It only needs 3 gallons a minute. A standard 3rd function is connected to the power beyond; I would think that it would do it. It is possible that you would need to use oversized hoses and/or connectors, but they show it working on some more compact tractors with smaller hydraulic pumps. If...
  2. Elliott in GA

    2022 LX2610 HSD. Loader

    If you are just cutting some ditches along the roadside for a relatively short distance, you might want to consider this sickle type mower attachment - less than 2K if you already have a 3rd function kit on the FEL.
  3. Elliott in GA

    Another Newbie Contemplating a New Purchase

    Your desire for a Cab and Boom Rotary Cutter means you can start looking at the top of the MX and Grand L60 series. Anything smaller will not have the weight and power to use a Boom Mower. You may well end up buying an M series tractor.
  4. Elliott in GA

    LX2610 or LX3310

    When I looked at the R14 and R4 tires offered by Kubota, the R4 tires had a noticeably higher load capacity. The R4 tires would seem to have stronger sidewalls, and that would mostly benefit FEL work - especially the front tires. Is the difference meaningful for most people / most work? I do...
  5. Elliott in GA

    Linex’d my “step”

    Wow - not even close. I would hope that you can get nearly all of your money back by putting it on the classifieds.
  6. Elliott in GA

    Grease stuff

    Another person must have purchased it (they only had one); it was in stock when I posted.
  7. Elliott in GA

    Grease stuff

    There is one 3 pack in stock on Amazon...
  8. Elliott in GA

    Grease stuff

    Try buying the 3 pack then; it is 2 Xtra Heavy Duty and 1 regular Red And Tacky. Sorry, it appeared to be in stock to order.
  9. Elliott in GA

    Grease stuff

    Lucas X-Tra Heavy Duty is Polyurea grease, and it is in stock at Advance Auto and Auto Zone (in my area in the store and to order).
  10. Elliott in GA

    LX2610 or LX3310

    FWIW, I run a 5 foot rotary cutter and 5 foot finish mower (see signature) with my LX 2610 SU without any issues over rolling terrain (most would say it has hills). I have reclaimed three small fields (8-9 acres total). 6-7 acres involved mowing down weeds and briars that were 3-4 feet tall; I...
  11. Elliott in GA

    Stump Bucket/Grapple good for B2650 cab

    Probably expect to pay $400 - $800 per acre, but pricing varies widely based on location, the land to be cleared and what final product (how fine a mulch) you want...
  12. Elliott in GA

    Stump Bucket/Grapple good for B2650 cab

    Based on your more detailed explanation of what you face, your equipment is overmatched - unless you plan to just make paths through bushes and saplings (even then very slow going). Your Kubota will work well to maintain the property once it is cleared. If it were me, I would hire (they tend...
  13. Elliott in GA

    Stump Bucket/Grapple good for B2650 cab

    You will not see me buying a stump bucket / hoe for my LX. I was merely trying to answer the question about equipment; I have no idea about the OP's soil and vegetation conditions. The OP could be in sandy soil with bushes - would probably be fine, or he could be in hard pack clay with oak...
  14. Elliott in GA

    Stump Bucket/Grapple good for B2650 cab

    Artillian has a modular system with grapple and stump bucket attachments - might be cheaper than buying separate pieces of equipment.
  15. Elliott in GA

    HST Owners : On the gas , but having to hit the brake..?

    Messick's has a video that might help.
  16. Elliott in GA

    Wheel Weights vs Liquid Ballast and the Misconception

    Two issues/differences between wheel weights and liquid ballast: 1) A wheel weight is carried by the tire. Having a wheel weight is the same as having that much more weight being carried by the tire; liquid ballast does not (or at least at a extremely reduced rate) count towards your weight...
  17. Elliott in GA

    Leaves - what to use

    Agree with the PTO Blower. The golf courses (6 courses) in our development use their MXs with giant turf tires and PTO Blowers to keep the courses leaf free; the golf courses are lined with large oaks. On a much smaller scale, I use my Stihl blower to keep my yard leaf free; it really fluffs...
  18. Elliott in GA

    PTO in Neutral?

    I believe you should select the Mid-PTO (only) and Neutral transmission to free the rear PTO. I have an SU (no Mid-PTO) so my PTO shaft is never free. I rotate the attachment's PTO shaft to mate with the Tractor PTO - easy to do on rotary cutter and spreader. However, the finish mower is...
  19. Elliott in GA

    Great dealer

    San Antonio and Austin, TX
  20. Elliott in GA

    New Rotary Cutter User Question

    In terms of adjusting a slip clutch, one has to reconcile the operation of a rotary mower equipped with a shear bolt versus a slip clutch. Rotary mowers use the same shear bolt regardless of HP throughout the mower's specified HP ratings. With a 20-60 HP rated mower, there is no selection of...