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  1. alasippi

    B2301 or B2601?

    I am in the early stages of looking for a replacement for my growing obsolete grey market ZL1500. I was originally looking at a green tractor but after visiting my local Kubota dealer for an oil filter for the ZL, I took a look at a B2601 they had on the lot. I really like the idea of having a 3...
  2. alasippi

    NAPA 7030 and WIX 57030 discontinued.

    Went to buy a new oil filter for my little Zen Noh zl1500 and found out the filters have been discontinued. Has anyone ever adapted theirs to use a regular spin on type filter? If so where did you get the parts to do so?
  3. alasippi

    ZL1500 lift speed valve

    Looking for a 3pt Hitch speed control valve for my new to me ZL1500. Apparently one of the previous owners kicked the knob one too many times and broke the shaft off as it sits right under the front of the seat somewhat in the way.
  4. alasippi


    Newbie to the Orange Tractor family. Just picked up a ZL1500 on a trade along with a 16ft trailer, finishing mower, brush cutter, disk, and boxblade-all 4ft. The previous owner didn't know the clutch(original I believe) was on it's last leg. After about 4 hours work and $300 in parts I am now in...