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  1. mcfarmall

    Please ID this part!

    Possibly the nut from the stopper thingy on the 3PH lever.
  2. mcfarmall

    What if there were no swear words

    I didn't hear an eff bomb until the 7th grade, nowadays the kids in my wife's Young 5's class use the word routinely. Just more evidence of societies downward spiral into depravity. No sense of decency or manners anymore.
  3. mcfarmall

    My dog beat cancer

    Yaaaaayyy! Love him up good today!
  4. mcfarmall

    Worthington Jacobson 3 Gang Reel Mower - Where to start

    Looks like a fun project.
  5. mcfarmall

    Same Container / less product

    Shrinkflation...getting less product for mo' money. This is only transitory...will be over soon. And if your unhappy with the price of gasoline you need to buy a $50,000 electric vehicle.
  6. mcfarmall

    RCD1884 - Cutter Problems Revisited and Problem ID'd

    My RCD1884 has been ok since purchased but I've only got 1 summer of mowing under my belt. No rocks or posts to hit in my pastures but I shredded an old mattress spring on it's maiden voyage doing some work for my weed buddy.
  7. mcfarmall

    David Bradley implements

    Too light and small to be of any practical use, unless you're planning on pulling the disc with your quadzilla and make a deer garden.
  8. mcfarmall

    Grease stuff

    3% moly on everything. The only issue is if the moly content is 5% or higher, don't use it on rolling element bearings. Life couldn't be simpler.
  9. mcfarmall

    Can't remove propshaft from gearhead on rotary cutter.....ideas?

    There has to be something to prevent the yoke from sliding off the gearbox input shaft when the bolt shears. You said there was no snap ring, how about a spiral ring or wire ring or a roll pin drilled off center that crosses a groove in the input shaft. Put a smaller diameter bolt in the hole...
  10. mcfarmall

    How does the hydraulic shuttle and clutch work in an M6060 or similar.

    The best explanation I could provide is the foot clutch works just like any other foot clutch. It disconnects the transmission from the engine (excluding PTO). The hydraulic shuttle clutch pack is downstream from the foot clutch and includes a set of reversing gears.
  11. mcfarmall

    Dry Chemical Fire Extinguishers

    KTAC is pretty good insurance from the testimonials that I have read on this and other forums. If they cover operator stupidity then surely they will cover loss from a fire.
  12. mcfarmall

    L2600DT 4WD Selling Advice

    Fixing the headlights also gives the potential buyer a warm fuzzy feeling that the tractor was well cared for during its life with you.
  13. mcfarmall

    Dry Chemical Fire Extinguishers

    If you got good insurance, no need for a fire extinguisher.
  14. mcfarmall


    I was waiting for someone to suggest a pressure test!!
  15. mcfarmall

    Caught Fire!

    Birds and mice can build a sizeable nest very quickly. Park out in the open with the hood up.
  16. mcfarmall

    B2650 good for a small farm and 1/4 mile driveway in NH?

    I have an M5660 on 2 acres. I think you need a bigger tractor for a 60 acre estate. (Full disclosure: I have an additional 40 acres elsewhere).
  17. mcfarmall

    BX starting procedure question

    Not me.
  18. mcfarmall

    Better Back Blade Performance..? Straight or Tilted.? See Pics.

    When the main frame of the attachment is level, the cutting edge has a slight positive rake angle relative to the forward travel of the tractor. If you shorten the top link, to the point where the cutting edge is perpendicular to the ground, you have a zero rake angle. If you continue to...
  19. mcfarmall

    Break in time for new pistons and rings ?

    Yeah this guy is full of schizz.
  20. mcfarmall

    Break in time for new pistons and rings ?

    Run it like the farmers and excavation contractors run their brand new equipment.