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    Lol would love to see how that works out if you come unhitched!
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    Purchasing Grand L3560 Limited Edition - is this a good price?

    I would also go with remotes over a 4n1 bucket. You will probably want a grapple at some point down the road. Also I would consider pallet forks….very handy.
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    Thinking of trading my L3901 gear drive tractor. Advice?

    I also suspect you can get more if you sell outright…even a gear driven tractor. These are better for field work anyway. Here is how I would handle it. 1. Decide which tractor you want to buy. 2. If Kubota, sell existing. 3. if Mahindra, then trade it in. (Personally I would not own a...
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    Wheel Studs vs Chains

    What type of head do the have on them? Curious I may use the same.
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    2017 L2501 will not stay running

    While we are on it, that air filter needs to be checked every 10 hours, even more if you are in dusty conditions. Do not let it get clogged. Go back to your manual and review the entire maintenance section. It will keep you out of lots of trouble! When you started this season how long had...
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    Newby Tows B2601 Down Highway

    What hard cab? You have a B2601 they do not come with a factory cab. You must have an aftermarket cab? If so which?
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    KX057-5 front blade hyd. not strong enough

    Wrong. The excavator blades on this size machine can absolutely be used to level the machine, and provide counter force for lifting or digging with boom/arm fully extended. There is most likely an issue with the OPs blade hydraulic function.
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    Major road work!

    Nice work! Riprap around the culvert outlet will help erosion tremendously.
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    Weak loader

    How old is the machine? Still under warranty? Have you looked for visible leaks from any part of the hydraulic system? Is your fluid level good?
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    New L02 Series! And the new video! So far 33 and 39 HP are listed.
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    SPL1060 Snow Pusher and BX23S

    Try it up a hill....that extra 200lbs in the front will probably show some. The backhoe on the back does ballast the front but also adds weight the machine has to pull up the hill. Not saying it wont work, but that is where I would determine if it is good or not.
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    Safety Section

    I like the idea of Safety, but that isn't really related to tractors. I prefer to keep that separate and frankly off of tractor forums. Just my $.02
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    Wheel Studs vs Chains

    Very, very helpful Mike. I need to get something for the L6060 and always dread dealing with chains on larger tires. Chains on the RTV are about all I want to mess with every year. I am going to start with studs and see how it goes.
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    OK to let bucket slam down to clear stuck snow in bucket?

    No its not ok. Buckets are meant for digging, dumping. Bring the bucket up about 6 ft in the air, dump it 1/ 2 way then start feathering the dump (ie shaking the bucket back and forth with the curl/dump functions on the joystick). By the time your bucket is fully vertical it should be empty...
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    Widow Maker - Best Plan of Attack?

    Take the fence down then drag it down with a chain from the butt end. It’s the only really safe way to do it.
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    Buying a rear blade for a Kubota L4060

    You want a rear blade width such that when you angle it your cut still covers the width of the rear tires. This is usually around a foot or 2 extra width.
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    Starting a llc and picking up some smaller jobs

    Get insurance. You want good liability at a minimum.
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    Shopping a L2501 tractor

    Pin on would be no QC. All attachment points would be pins. Man that sucks! If your L48 is like mine, it is the QC that has allows you to mount and engage the bucket with the curl, then you put in 1 pin to keep it all in place. That is Kubota’s version of a QC backhoe mounting system...
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    3-point backhoe on M6060

    My M7060 has a LA1154 on it...the MX6000 has a LA1055. Are you sure you don't have it backwards or does the M6060 have a different loader?
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    3-point backhoe on M6060

    I agree with the miniEX digging anything...but if he has a mountain to travel up and down.. 3 mph will take awhile. The full backhoe or a Kubota TLB (L47, M62) seems like the best option.