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  1. Matt Ellerbee

    Guns...Times have changed...

    So if it’s only 10 people shot and killed, that’s not a mass murder in your eyes? What if the shooter had 2 10 round mags, would 20 dead be enough for you to consider it a mass? 30? 40?
  2. Matt Ellerbee

    Another Newbie Contemplating a New Purchase

    Cabbed MX at minimum. Maybe an M.
  3. Matt Ellerbee

    MSRP of Land Pride RCR1884

  4. Matt Ellerbee

    Kubota Front Weight Assembly Fit?

    Looks like an older F series mower rear weight to me.
  5. Matt Ellerbee

    What did you do to or on your Kubota today?

    Whatever you would like to post. We like pictures around here. Rules of the internet.
  6. Matt Ellerbee

    Finish Mower : Water in gear box. :(

    Fill it with your preferred flavor of gear dope, and forgot about it for another 10 years.
  7. Matt Ellerbee

    What did you do to or on your Kubota today?

    Pictures, or it didn’t happen. Rule 32.
  8. Matt Ellerbee

    What type of motor oil?

    I wonder if everyone that post in these oil threads cares enough about what goes in their body as they do some damn dead dinosaurs? I’d bet not.
  9. Matt Ellerbee

    Lifting 5gal cans of diesel fuel a problem

    Tired of 5 gal cans too. Bought this unit today. 100gal and 8gpm pump. Gonna mount to a HD oak or plastic pallet eventually.
  10. Matt Ellerbee

    What's the definition of "turf application"?

    I'm with you on this, it is odd. May be the same as the manual saying only 3 weights per wheel on the MX's... Who knows?
  11. Matt Ellerbee

    What's the definition of "turf application"?

    On Cub cadet garden tractors there is a creep box for the gear drives. Lots of literature for them, saying they are only to be used to slow the tractor (snow blowing, tilling), not for extra pulling power.
  12. Matt Ellerbee

    MX Series rear remotes

    I do not. If I think about it, I'll pull the snap ring and try to wiggle one out enough to see the numbers.
  13. Matt Ellerbee

    MX Series rear remotes

    100% agree. They look like an afterthought.
  14. Matt Ellerbee

    MX Series rear remotes

    I bought my 6000 used. It already had the first installed. I bought parts from dealer and did the other two. I want to say parts were about $1300 or so. Easily installed in an afternoon.
  15. Matt Ellerbee

    3rd Function Wiring Options (L3800) and pros/cons

    Phone: 1-800-325-3695 From the website. I had good luck with email when I had a problem, and you can send pictures that way.
  16. Matt Ellerbee

    What did you do to or on your Kubota today?

    Exactly. I should have stopped, dropped and repicked up the tree, but I was glad to have a hold of it after ripping it out.
  17. Matt Ellerbee

    Disc harrows

    No worries. Like I said I went looking, couldn’t find anything on Dirt dog site, got the old googler out and found GWT. Looked there but didn’t see much info... but do now. The 200-18 would compare to the EA 82” 20 20” it is a bit lighter at 815 vs 1100ish.
  18. Matt Ellerbee

    Disc harrows

    All I am seeing is "available for pre-order" on every set in the drop down menu. That too, and they are more $ than EA, that's why I went looking on their site for specs to compare the two.
  19. Matt Ellerbee

    Disc harrows

    For what I’ve seen, and remember, yes. Everything was very stout that I hauled from there. Like everything, they have a value line and a more robust line, I think it is more tied to size, rather than how LP does it as a series. Where I work now has a leveler from them. I just replaced the skids...