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  1. GeoHorn

    Extreme Tire Repairs - Two methods

  2. GeoHorn

    Magister Hydraulics

    I just wanted to give a good review of the hydraulic cylinder I purchased from Magister (steering on my Compactor/Roller) and thought now would be a good time to support our Friends in Ukraine:
  3. GeoHorn

    Front axle Bevel Case Oil Seal Replacement

    I was unable to get online for a couple days and wasn’t able to post this info, but I hope it’ll be helpful to others so here is my question/dilemma … followed by what I discovered …(thanks HIGHLY to “Doug” in Service at MESSICKS’….and absolutely CONTRARY to what my local Kubota Service told...
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    REAL… Diesel

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    Caution against adding oil to cylinder for compression testing

    I’m not a highly-experienced “diesel” mechanic… got tons of professional experience on gassers…but not diesels.. One of the common methods to test piston-ring health in gasoline engines is to add some oil to the cylinder to help “seal” the rings to observe if there’s a significant “rise” in...
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    Anyone Know What This Attachment Is…??

    Found this pic online and just curious as to what that on the front might be:
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    Moving trailers with FEL Bucket or Forks

    An acquaintance drilled a 1” hole in the lip of his bucket and when he moves a trailer he screws a hitch-ball into the hole. I’m reluctant to do that…and don’t know why…. Anybody got any Pros or Cons…?? Then there‘s the pallet-forks…. I’ve ordered one of these red-adapters in the pic...
  8. GeoHorn

    My Neighbor Wants to Buy a non-emissions Kubota with FEL (Central Texas)

    He’s in Cen-Tex.…. Anyone wanting to sell theirs, pls let us know. He’s impressed with my M4700DT and wants a non-emisisons workhorse.
  9. GeoHorn

    M4700DT Front Axle Leak

    I”ve had no problems with the front axle but did the 600 hr service and found only about 1 qt of SUDT would drain from the axle. I replaced it with 8 qts of 80/90 gear oil (capacity claimed is 8.5 qts) Today I’ve noticed a small drip of oil under the left…. “bevel gear case”…??? (the WSM does...
  10. GeoHorn

    Website Hacked?

    Last night for several hours when I attempted to log in to these forums I had “pop up“ warnings my log-in was being re-directed to another site possibly to steal my data or infect my device. Anyone else? Anyone know why or how?
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    Cautioning your Family about Operations

    I’m married to a bright lady but who unknowingly set us up for a problem this last weekend. I was spreading gravel and backdragging it with the bucket while the wife was grocery-shopping. I had my back toward the front gate and, wondering when she’d return, if she’d like the way I‘d repaired...
  12. GeoHorn

    New Use…for Old Hyd Oil?

    I did my own 600 hr service last week and drained 10 gals of Super UDT out of my M4700. It looks fine… slightly yellowish-brownish but otherwise clear and clean…. Wish I had a good use for 10 gals of used hyd fluid. Or a place to get rid of it…. I put it in the two 5-gal pails the Super...
  13. GeoHorn

    Front Axle Fluid Level…. Again!

    I’ve read so many times here how someone had bought a new Kubota and shortly thereafter comes time to do the 50 Hr service or the first 100 Hr service, etc….. and how disappointed the owner is to find so LITTLE (if any) lubricant in the front axle. It ‘s a “make ready” item dealers should...
  14. GeoHorn

    What mistakes we sometimes make as “Noobies” when buying equipment

    The thread which discussed waiting-periods for a grapple after up-front payment prompted me to reveal my learning-curve on tractor and implement buying. Prelude: Firstly, I was not new to tractor ownership when I bought my Kubota. For 15 years I mowed my 27 acres of grass runways using a...
  15. GeoHorn

    Front Axle Support and Service Letters

    My circa ‘96 M4700DT Owner’s Manual Mx schedule calls for greasing the front axle support every 100 hrs and it stipulates that 2 grease fittings are to be serviced. However, MY M4700DT only has ONE grease fitting on it’s front axle support on its rear.... no grease fitting on it’s front (like...
  16. GeoHorn

    Kubota Manuals Silliness

    While seeking to confirm information posted by another participant regarding maintenance instructions I went to my OM and WSM and searched for it and didn’t find it.... but. what I DID find... was yet another example of Kubota manual confusion: These two pics are from the OM and the WSM for...
  17. GeoHorn

    Dream Tractor from Kubota

    I came across this early company photo of what Kubota once promoted as a futuristic “Dream Tractor”:
  18. GeoHorn

    Not Orange... but FooBert started this....any Heavy Machine Operators out there??

    In another thread, Foobert gave an excellent summary of how an HST system operates. This has provoked me to see if anyone can offer insight to another HST powered machine which is “yellow”. I have a ‘87 Ferguson 5-8B Compactor/Roller which was surplus-ed off by the Tx Dept of Trans (highway...
  19. GeoHorn

    Another No starter rotation thread

    My M4700 is a pretty simple tractor...or so I thought... Only one safety switch activated by the range-lever (the forward-Reverse-Low-High selection lever) on this DT (manual transmission.). The neutral start safety switch is kind of troublesome to get to... and that was my suspicion because...
  20. GeoHorn

    L.E.D. Lightbar shopping

    Like everything from pistol-primers to toilet-paper L.E.D. Lightbar prices have shot up and it just pizzez me off that the lightbar I bought from TSC for $99 year before last is now $150. I refuse to believe that particular lightbar should jump 50% so I shopped-around and found a virtual...