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  1. Goz63

    ROPS Light Bracket Help

    I us d Magnets. I will eventually put a canopy on and will need to move the front light bar.
  2. Goz63

    Nearly fell over.....

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  3. Goz63

    L4701 Grapple choice - SGC0660 or 1060

    When I bought my 2501 I was right on that edge of 0660 or 1060. I went with the 0660 for cost, availability, and my perceived usage. It worked out just right for me but I have the baby L. If you have the cash, it is in stock I would do the 1060. I seriously doubt the added weight will limit you...
  4. Goz63

    implement guidance for new owners

    Great initial advice. I agree with everything. I do get a lot of use out of my box blade. Also very much agree that the LP1260 is way to flimsy. We ended up with the 1860, much better. The only thing I would add would be a couple rear remotes and top-n-tilt. Wished I would have gotten that right...
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    Not to sound stupid but you have it hooked to a third function valve right?
  6. Goz63

    Limited lift capacity

    No what you were experiencing was a lack of torque. Getting the tractor in a lower gear increased torque allowing more power, not speed, to the wheels.
  7. Goz63

    Just because

    We have one too. Collie hair gives it a run but overall a big work reducer.
  8. Goz63

    An Opinion Needed

    That’s what I would do. Slap a piranha tooth on one for digging. Don’t always need it. Congrats!
  9. Goz63

    Dealer commitment to agreed price.

    I know when I bought mine last year my dealer told me they couldn’t do the committed rebate and financing options until they had a serial number from the tractor. So I got sort of the same answer as you. I was able to get the tractor before they changed to rebates and financing options so I...
  10. Goz63

    Limited lift capacity

    Just getting to this thread. I know what the op is saying. Look at the Mesicks videos and seems when he is trying to get a reading on how much the loader would lift he was trying to “lift” a buried tire and gauged the lift force. He would lift the back wheels off the ground when he maxed out. i...
  11. Goz63


    Take a look at the GP Outdoors YouTube channel. He has a couple great videos on grapples. He opted for a single cylinder model and head worked the crap out of it with his LX2610. Moves logs, large rocks and all kinds of brush. Great information.
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    I have the LP. Awesome for moving brush.
  13. Goz63

    Lifting Question

    Those numbers are for full height at pins. My L2501 is listed at a little over 1100lbs but I lift 1350lbs of hay cubes not including the weight of my pallet forks which is around 150lbs. Ballast is your friend. It won’t hurt to add the heaviest implement. use the curl to get the weight towards...
  14. Goz63

    Purchase timing advice

    The lift capacity on the new L02’s have not been increased and neither is the HP so you are essentially looking at creature comforts. For $900 in my opinion it is a no brainer, get the grand L all the way! You get all those comforts and more loader capacity. $900 over the life of having the...
  15. Goz63

    New Kubota L series models available this year

    Wow only $700 difference between 3302 and 3902. I love my 2501 but would like a little more lift. Seems they didn’t change that. Appears they went for comfort improvements over functional. A deeper bucket I guess is fine if you don’t have forks or a grapple. The predrilled feature for a cutting...
  16. Goz63

    New L2501 on the way, any advice as far as what to be on the lookout for?

    Congrats! Got mine last June and love it. Only thing I wished I had done different is adding rear remotes an top-n-tilt. Looking to add that now this spring. If you are doing dirt work get that upfront. Second don’t dink around with the BB1260 box blade. Get the BB2560. Much heavier build, no...
  17. Goz63

    Box blade

    You’ll get nothing and like it…🤣
  18. Goz63

    Widow Maker - Best Plan of Attack?

    Can’t tell for sure the height of the fence but if you cut it so that the “new” base falls on the trail side of the fence the old base is no longer an issue. Then put a rop, chain, strap etc on the ne base and pull away with your tractor. Should fall right in the trail for you. Just looking at...
  19. Goz63

    New Stihl bike handle trimmer

    Agreed. The FS131 comes with one. The 91 & 111 just come with shoulder strap. That’s why I got the 131. The price difference was $30-40. So if I had to go buy a shoulder harness it would cost almost the same but be less power and weighed the same. No brainer for me.
  20. Goz63

    New Stihl bike handle trimmer

    That brush knife in the package is the exact one I have.