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    Tooth bar for bucket

    Project; how long have you been waiting so far? I agree with you completely, communication would be appreciated. I placed an order on 05-13 and haven't heard back from them since and I don't expect to for another 4-8 weeks, but I base that on nothing.
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    New Tooth Bar

    That's a legit looking piece of equipment. Impressive!
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    Can someone what this badge means?

    Good observation. I took a couple years of Japanese in high school, certainly looks like katikana, but I can't say much beyond that. On point with the orientation, though. Top (original) definitely appears (to me) to be upside down.
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    Tooth bar for bucket

    EA makes great stuff. Their toothbar looks good, certainly better than a standard bucket edge, but costs more and isn't sharp. Every leading edge is a blunt 90 degree vertical angle. Looks like it would be good for catching a sapling to lift up from the ground, but if it's on a smaller tractor...
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    Tooth bar for bucket

    No. Legitimate. Comparison.
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    Tooth bar for bucket

    BXPANDED Piranah Tooth Bar. Don't bother considering alternatives. Do a search on this forum. There's no legitimate comparison. This thread is over. You're welcome.
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    Dealer today....

    Ugh. Well, can't decide if I'm glad I got in before the new mandate or not. If the B2650 had a DPF, I might have gone bigger. No complaints, though. I'm happy with what I've got.
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    Specs: BX vs B ....

    2650 will have more clearance than the 01 if that's what you're after...
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    Anyone use the Kubota app on iPhone

    I'll be damned. Never thought to search for it. Found it on Android app store as well. Seems to be of limited utility currently, but they could do a lot with this. Would be nice to be able to log service and find part numbers, find compatible equipment, etc. I've looked for a maintenance...
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    Thank you BXpanded - Great Support!

    Damnit I need one of those... This makes it even harder to procrastinate.
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    Lights on ROPS

    Heheh... Yeah. A covered beverage vessel is a necessity. But I can see them flying at me from 100 yards.
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    Bucket Level Indicator

    You people make me feel more dumber and sad inside.
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    Drilling holes in ROPS a bad idea - safety / warranty

    Haven't tried those specific magnets, but my experience with really strong magents is that despite being impressively powerful in opposition to the metal, all magnets I've encountered eventually drift when subjected to heavy, constant vibration on a smooth, glossy surface so you'll find yourself...
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    Tractor Purchase Not Working Out, Getting Stressed

    With that user name... No. Not particularly. It tells it's own story.
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    Must have 3 pt or FEL accessories?

    What was your aversion to drilling the bucket for the PTB? The labor, or just the idea of putting a hole in it? It was pretty simple, took about 15 minutes.
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    Backhoe hydraulic leak

    Can't you just tie the string to the hose bring replaced as you pull it out?
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    B2650 / BH77 Backhoe worth it?

    I bought mine, same combo, last year. Worth it in my opinion. Definitely not cheap, but damn is it nice to have that thing available for all the things I never would have anticipated or imagined I'd use it for. Most recently: blackberry removal. Original plans were for removal of vinyl fence...
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    Tractor Purchase Not Working Out, Getting Stressed

    No, I saw that one too. It was surveillance video, I think it was a yellow ex, and I believe the car was attempting to flee after robbing the operator or his employer, 2 people. It was a beautiful maneuver, expertly executed. Bucket teeth straight down through the hood. He was going for blood...
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    Tractor Purchase Not Working Out, Getting Stressed

    Damn, I can't for the life of me find the video of the guy in the excavator taking out the car of armed men that tried robbing him... That'd be my vote.
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    Up Front or At the End, You'll Pay

    Having recently spent the weekend trying to remove a busted bolt from an engine block, my advice to you is to drink until you lose memories from your childhood and go organize your garage.