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  1. hagrid

    Please ID this part!

    Question: are you a rapper? A dope MC? Gots all the rhymes that make the people shout, "Gee!"?
  2. hagrid

    Guns...Times have changed...

    It was probably a surplus Lee-Enfield rifle chambered for 303 British.
  3. hagrid

    Need new belts for the John Deere 400. What's the best quality to buy?

    I regard jacking around as time well spent.
  4. hagrid

    Fuel prices

    Did you hold auditions?
  5. hagrid

    Some of you may remember my Post about my B2601 breaking in half!

    Your HST pump is acting like it's getting air. From whence does your charge oil come? A dedicated or shared pompe?
  6. hagrid

    What type of motor oil?

  7. hagrid

    Fuel prices

    The fine is applied per gallon.
  8. hagrid

    Some of you may remember my Post about my B2601 breaking in half!

    Wild guess: flow priority valve malfunction.
  9. hagrid

    Prime Video/ MLB.TV

    Cool! I can watch the Pie-rats: the only professional baseball farm team.
  10. hagrid

    Where do you keep your small money?

    Discretionary Fund overages get invested into center fire ammunition.
  11. hagrid

    Dry Chemical Fire Extinguishers

    I dont even wear a haymet when I ride my scooters and you want to mount a fire extinguisher on my toy tractor? I suppose you want me to actually attach my trailer safety chains to my truck while I'm at it?
  12. hagrid


    Yes there was. If you can blow through the recovery tank cap then you were OK. I told my dealer to keep the new cap.
  13. hagrid


    It's not just PennDOT. This entire state is a huge nest of brazen crooks. Look at the gas tax and then look at the roads. Frigging bridges are falling down. Not hyperbole.
  14. hagrid


    Great thread! Lots of energetic thoughts and experiences being vigorously defended. May I suggest using enhanced punctuation to moar effectively emphasize one's position? Sprinkle in an exclamation point tither and yon. Another secret technique, that only I know, is to type selected WORDS in...
  15. hagrid

    Tempture readings with a IR

    Tempture readings with a IR Targets with a flat black surface give the least error-prone readings. Shiny surfaces are the most error-prone.
  16. hagrid

    PTO in Neutral?

    I see it. See how the rear most gear is in dashed lines? That is actually the alternate position of the "middle" gear. It slides between three positions: forward, rearward, and middle. The middle position bridges the two intermediate shafts which would be both PTOs powered simultaneously. They...
  17. hagrid

    PTO in Neutral?

    From the BX23S manual: On the BX series, and perhaps others with hydraulic clutch PTOs, there is a spring powered brake to arrest drift of the PTO.
  18. hagrid

    Simpson Pressure Washer Oil

    You've never oiled your cat? You're in for a treat!
  19. hagrid

    Fuel prices

    *basks in BX23S glory...