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  1. i7win7

    Processing Firewood the Professional Redneck Way

    This will be a long assembly post with many photos, you may want to bookmark it and read on a rainy day. You will need a root grapple to lift logs, A miter saw to cut multiple 4x4's and 2x8's to size, plus other wood working tools most home owners all ready have. Let's start...
  2. i7win7

    Trust Gov./banks or time to drill postholes

    With the Canadian government freezing and confiscating the bank accounts of the freedom protesters, is it time to drill postholes?
  3. i7win7

    Is it inflation?

    Is it inflation or is our dollars loosing value from printing too much money. Something to consider
  4. i7win7

    Possible DEF shortages

    If you use DEF fluid you may want to watch this
  5. i7win7

    Maxed out B2650 FEL lift capacity

    Had a dead tree at the top of the driveway hillside. Dropped it before it fell in the driveway. Used 2 snatch blocks, 200+ feet of wire cable to increase tractors pulling power 3X. Saved 2 logs for lumber logs. B2650, LA534 loader and LP0660 grapple. FEL could not lift it. Curled grapple down...
  6. i7win7

    expired certificate?

    getting this error on Brave for every OTT page NET::ERR_CERT_DATE_INVALID
  7. i7win7

    1 cool BX mod

    I did it again. The cooling fan I added to the B worked so well it was time to upgrade the "lawn mower". Now the location of the ROPS hinge poses a significant problem. The fan has to mount to the top half but, can't mount to lower half if you need to lower the ROPS. After significant mental...
  8. i7win7

    Added tie downs to BX##70 series

    Added tie downs to the BX today. Used 2 Harbor Freight #60323 D-rings (1 7/8" hole spacing) Used stepped drill bit to convert and enlarge square holes into 1/2" holes. Not happy with factory bolts, replaced them with 12x1.25mm - 45mm long. The HF rings may work in the rear. Had left over...
  9. i7win7

    Added tie downs to B##50 series

    Added tie downs to B2650, should work on LX, possibly others. I purchased these D-Rings for the 2 inch hole spacing...
  10. i7win7

    Retired my 5 gallon fuel cans

    Finally decided to retire my 5 gallon fuel cans. Pricing 50 and 100 gallon tanks, 100 gal. only $50 more but would require a small single axle trailer. Renewed plates on my other trailers and Illinois raised trailer plates by $100. Too frugal to pay over $100 every year for a fuel run. Farm &...
  11. i7win7

    Dear dealer, can we test drive your tractor?

    Interesting tractor show
  12. i7win7

    Glad Kubotas have roll bars, maybe old Ford needs one

    Glad Kubotas have roll bars, maybe old Ford needs one One lucky foreign guy
  13. i7win7

    Here's why you wear a seat belt with ROPS system

    Ineresting roll over video
  14. i7win7

    1 Cool ROPS accessory

    Flex-a-Lite model 116 radiator fan 2,215 CFM and 11 amp draw. Stirs up quite a breeze. May help with bugs a night when running lights. Ground speed in reverse slightly faster? :unsure:
  15. i7win7

    Found New Job for Root Grapple

    part 1 of 3 Latest hillbilly creation Grapple Pole Prunner: Materials: 12' treated 4x4, 2 gate hanger hinge pins and straps, 2 hanger straps for rolling door track and misc. hardware. I purchased a cheap 20v pole pruner at Walmart for this project. Unit was assembled on open grapple. 1. Turn...
  16. i7win7

    Redneck shade?

    Maybe this belongs in daily chuckle :) Messing around with golf umbrella, not ready for prime time. Need U bolts and longer board. Spins nice if you get to close tree limb.
  17. i7win7

    Farming can be hard

    Never regularly carried a chaisnsaw, guess I would've been stuck without paddles.
  18. i7win7

    Ideas to make implements QH compatible

    Get the most benefit from your quick hitch. Buying new get QH compatible. Here is a photo of an implement whose manufacturer has their act together. Note how it's designed for cat 1 & 2. Also the lift arm spacing can be adjusted. Some "QH compatible" only need minor modification. This TSC...