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  1. kubotasam

    Help identifying 2 prong electrical connector

    Anyone able to help me match the female style connector to fit this 12 volt motor. I bought it a number of years ago on Ebay. It was sold as a direct replacement for an electrical rotation on a B2660 snow blower. I assume it is a window motor for some car. I never needed it and eventually sold...
  2. kubotasam

    SOLD Dozer Blade KUFD110

    Kubota front blade KUFD110 designed to fit B7100 & B6100. It is in good overall shape. I do not have the subframe. If you have a B7100 with a B219 loader the subframe from the loader will work with a little welding. Blade comes with control valve and hoses with quick disconnects. This has down...
  3. kubotasam

    Ran great 2 min. Then power loss and lots of black smoke

    Had not run my B2410 in about a week. It started good. I backed it out of the shed and started down the drive over to the cellar garage. As I said about 2 minutes it ran great. Then it stumbled lost RPM and started lots of black smoke from the exhaust. It would only hold about 1200 rpm and would...
  4. kubotasam

    B2781 snowblower with B2733 subframe on B2410 tractor

    Here is my newest Craigs list score. A kubota B2781 snowblower with a B2733 subframe. I dug it out of a snowbank yesterday and brought it home. My first thought was to resell and make some $$. However I am thinking I will keep this and replace the B2650 snow blower that I run on the front or my...
  5. kubotasam

    BX 2750 snow blower

    Front mount BX 2750B blower for sale. Good condition, some surface rust but no rust through. Nice and straight no big damage from foreign objects. This is for the blower only. I do not have the sub frame or correct PTO shafts. Located in Alfred Maine (southern Maine). Asking price $1100.00.
  6. kubotasam

    SOLD RC48-62H for sale

    48” Kubota mid mount mower for sale. This has adaptors to which allow it to be mounted on the older style B6100 hst or a B7100 hst. as well as the other tractors it was designed to fit. Look at the photos for a list of the tractors this was designed to fit. It needs to be mounted to a tractor...
  7. kubotasam

    33x12.50-15 used turf tire

    Selling one Goodyear 33x12.50-15 tractor tire. Asking $175.00. Kubota wholegoods lists new tire and wheel for $386.00. It is a 4 ply tire. It has at least 90% tread and no cuts or cracks. It is mounted on a Kubota wheel so you can see it holds air. The wheel is damaged, the lug nut holes are all...
  8. kubotasam

    Sickle bar mower

    I know this is not kubota but I need help ASAP. My brother was cutting hay with my Dads old Farmall super A. It has the factory sickle bar mower with a 7 ft bar. While mowing the cutter baar broke in half. I welded it but doubt it will hold. Does anyone know of a source for a new cutter bar for...
  9. kubotasam

    Fertilizer turns to concrete in spreader

    A few years back I acquired a well used Baltimatic broadcast type fertilizer spreader. Each time I have used it the bottom of the hopper gets coated with first like a paste from the fertilizer which quickly will turn to a concrete like substance. Today I was trying to spread 300 lbs. About 1/2...
  10. kubotasam

    Snow Blower Impeller balance

    I am rebuilding a Kubota B2650 snow blower. The impeller looks like someone used it for a rock crusher. To straighten the blades on the impeller I had to cut off the bracing on the back of one. I hammered it straight and built a new brace. The material I used is thicker than the original. So now...
  11. kubotasam

    Woods rear finish mower rm-600

    Six foot Woods RM600-2 rear mount finish mower. Spindles all tight and quiet. Blades are sharp. Belt is good. Replaced the bearing in the idler pulley. Although I can run it, it is to heavy for my B7100 so it is up for sale. $700.00 I live in southern Maine.
  12. kubotasam

    Mid mount mower linkage

    I got one of my Craigs list finds yesterday. I brought home a Kubota RC48-62H Mid mount mower which I am going to install on my B7100 hst. I know I will need to modify the side mount brackets to fit the B7100 as the mower came of a B6200.That should not be a problem. Now what I do need help...
  13. kubotasam

    For Sale Backhoe kingpost bearrings

    I have one new (sealed in origional package) and two used bearings that will fit the kingpost on a Woods BH 650 or 750 part # 62383. The also fit Kubota BL 4520 or 4530 Part # 70020-00076. Messicks lists the Woods # for $52.50 and the Kubota # for $68.94. The 2 used bearrings are a little...
  14. kubotasam

    Another B7100

    Well I bought my third B7100 today. This one is a Hydrostat my other two are gear drive. I seems like a really well taken care of tractor for a 1978 . Only 760 hours on a working hour meter. Now the puzzle, it has a front end loader that is not a B219 like both of my other tractors have. I can...