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    Titan 48" tooth bar

    I***8217;m a bit uncouth I suppose. I would of just beat it into submission with a drilling hammer or larger until it fit. With the differences in manufacturing and the bucket having been a used item as well nothing will be perfectly, fit like a glove straight. They can***8217;t! The first one...
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    Back Blade choice for Quick Hitch

    Re: Back Blade choice for Qucik Hitch Can I please inquire as what makes your blade not fit the quick hitch? Ive seen it said many times but I dont think Ive seen anyone say what keeps it from working. If you have time and dont mind answering Id kinda like to know. Thanks.
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    B7100HST , upgrading charging system

    Im along with sinesterbiker, I want to upgrade ***from*** the dyno ***to*** an alternator. I have reason, as Im sure the OP does as well. I had seen alternator brackets on a sub compact kubota once but I think they came from a stationary engine design. Would love to find out what they were and...
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    New seat on my BX

    Rural King typically is able to offer these types of deals because they purchase a complete manufactured items inventory from various companies. These can be for many different reasons that they are offered, over runs, design changes or line close outs. They have the purchasing ability to buy...
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    B6000 and a Plow

    Yes, it will and I have. I believe it’s rated for a 10” or maybe a 12” single moldboard plow. Good luck, kytim
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    Think a box blade will work for this?

    +1 Get some clean fill, while it “could” be done with the BB it isn’t the most efficient way to use equipment. Even an old fashioned pond scoop would work but it’ll work you to death. Experience speaking of course.
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    Nice orange "herd" you got there. Glad to see you here. Jump right on in!! Tim

    Nice orange "herd" you got there. Glad to see you here. Jump right on in!! Tim
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    What did you do to or on your Kubota today?

    Nice job on the snow plow.
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    What are High Hours for a Kubota tractor?

    My dealer told me to never use paint on the tractor, that it would hurt the resell value. He said people will shy away from a tractor with new paint or one that looks to be touched up. What do you guys think? What do I think? Your dealer is an IDIOT!!! With that logic you would have to build a...
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    Kubota B2620 Starting problem

    The first line of attack on a lilttle Kubota that acts the way your does is to first clean ALL four ends of the battery cables. more times than not it will be at the neg/frame connection. do them all then put a hot battery on it. It should solve it.
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    What are High Hours for a Kubota tractor?

    If it is serving your purpose, why rush to change. Saying that kind of blanket statement that something is worn out due to an arbitrary number of hours is ridiculous, in my opinion. For instance my tractor, a '77 B7100 has many more than twice that many hours and has only had one clutch/pressure...
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    Thread and Post approval..... how long does it take?

    Hello, are you saying you posted a thread and it hasn't shown up? You should be able to just jump in with both feet and run, give it another try, okay.
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    Newbie Parts Question - Cross Model Compatability

    Hi, glad you found us, welcome. Now for your question, try these folks. They are here in Kentucky, not to far from you but can possibly help you with your search. They dismantle alot of Kubotas.
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    I like this guy's style!

    I noticed that while he was doing the donuts at last the toplink was swinging around wildly and the exhaust pipe came loose and dropped down. That was probably a pretty violent ride, Not for ME!! Sits to high in the saddle for this boy any more, heck a big pothole in the highway is to bone...
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    what you may find in a dogs nose.

    That makes my nose itch just thinking about it!
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    Storing a diesel tractor

    Phil has good advise, the contaminates from this years use from the burned fuel combined with condensation that will form over the winter will make an acidic cocktail while sitting. Not a good mix to leave in the crankcase and all those other little nook and crannies of your precious orange...
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    TURBO charged tractor

    Neat but, I bet that rearend or trans wont live long with that treatment. I really think turbo transplants are very cool. I'd kinda like to do one someday but not for that kinda stuff though. That stuff would make me ache all over the next day.
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    Welding cast iron

    Yes it works well. All you have to do is then grind both sides smooth and your back in action.
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    B7100 HST 4X4 Front wheel locking - Need Help

    Woo Hoo....SCORE! Nothing like using an expert for something.
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    Welding cast iron

    Yep, done it several times. If The holes are big and you can somehow clamp a piece of thick roofing copper tightly over one side of the hole it will allow you to plug weld the hole all at one time. less wasted rod since it won't stick to the copper. But, that goes for any hole your welding up...