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  1. rgOO6

    L2501 Loader Leveling

    I tried searching the forums but did not find anything. I am sure that someone has asked how to level the loader bucket on an L2501, so can someone point me in the right direction?
  2. rgOO6

    Getting additional traction

    Hello All, Just curious what the safest way is to add weight to a tractor when moving a heavy load around the woods. I have ag tires and 4x4 but the tires just start slipping in the leaves and dirt. Is is pretty standard to temporarily add some weights to the front and back to try and get...
  3. rgOO6

    L2501 Loader Bucket Safety Pin on Grease Pin

    Hello, My screw fell out on the grease pin. I would rather replace it with a solid pin that locks instead of a screw and lock nut. Anyone found a good option that works well? I attached a picture of the grease pin I am talking about. The safety pin is on the inside. The problem is that the...
  4. rgOO6

    Watering a Garden

    I am looking at making a water layout for my garden. It is not super big. I am planning to fabricate some 3' x 9' PVC frames. The frame will have tiny holes drilled all along the bottom so that I can just pipe it to a large drum and let the water slowly run out and water that section of the...
  5. rgOO6

    Quick Hitch Selection for L2501

    Hello All! I am trying to decide between the QH05, QH10, and QH15 quick hitches from Landpride. For the L2501, it seems like watching the weight on the back is important. From the manual, the implement max weights are: rotary-cutter = 770 lbs disk harrow = 660 lbs cultivator = 550 lbs box...
  6. rgOO6

    Shank Repairs

    I am thinking of welding these back together. How critical is it to have the shank tooth break away? It would be a bit easier to just weld it to the shank directly but if I need to I can repair it with the break away still functional.
  7. rgOO6

    Best implement for 1/2 acre plot

    Hello all, I have been doing some research on the best impliment for my area. I think I have settled on a disc harrow for my L2501. Would anyone recommend anything else? What size should I be looking at? I have a 1/2 acre that has not been planted in about 100 years. I had the trees...
  8. rgOO6

    L2501DT Hydraulic Level Dropped Quickly

    Hello All, I am a fairly new L2501DT owner. I have 4 to 5 hours on the tractor. When I received it, the fluid level was right in the middle of the sight glass. After two days (about 2 to 3 hours) I noticed that the level had dropped to about 1/4 the sight glass. At about 4 hours, I could...