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  1. William1

    Sunk in the Muck Today

    Thought I'd give y'all a laugh at my expense. Still a little clean up after the storm of 01/04/2022 here. One birch had lost a major branch that did not fully separate from the tree. It was (in summer) more than 1/2 of the leaves. I looped a rope on it, pulled with my BX. Nope, nope going to...
  2. William1

    Warranty Email Scam

    I just got this email, obvious scam. Note the 'from' email address and the name of the customer, not me, as well as a model I do not own. Do not let the scammer scam you. Not sure how they got my email address, not that it matters unles OTT was breached.
  3. William1

    Power Service Diesel Conditioner Mix Ratio

    As I read it (and I apologize in advance) it is one ounce pf Power Service to 10 US gallons of fuel. I have a four gallon can so I'd add .4 ounces (11.8 ML) to the four gallon can. What is I went to say, 1/2 ounce per four gallons? Nothing bad I assume, just wasting treatment? What is the...
  4. William1

    BX25D wiring

    I was thinking about adding a voltmeter to my little guy. Of course, I want it to operate only then the tractor key is on and have it fed from a fused source. I was looking at the wiring to the fuse box. There are two wires leaving it, Red with Yellow stripes for work lights (that I do not...
  5. William1

    BX25D Battery

    Either It does not exist (or I'm an idiot-probably the latter) I found no information here regarding the little BX25D battery. Mine is going to be four (I think) this year and it is obvious, the battery is loosing its' gusto. At rest voltage is 12.36. It still starts every time but, it is tired...
  6. William1

    BX25D Fan Belt

    Twice in the last year, I've had to tighten the belt on my little guy. I suspect it is wearing out or simply going bad. It has been loose enough where I could grab the cooling fan (yes, engine off!) and easily move it. I've not had any belt squeal or battery charging issues though. But, I think...
  7. William1

    BX25D Changing HST and Front Axle

    First time doing these fluids. I'd changed the HST filter back at 50 hours. 155 hours now and 2.5 years. I felt it was wise to change the HST and front axle. I took the bucket (Quick release) and BH off to make it less cumbersome. I also remove the BXExpanded skidplate. I cleaned off all areas...
  8. William1

    Made it to 1,000 hours!

    My Sears Craftsman garden tractor with a HST and a 22Hp Kohler Commnad V twin has made it past 1,000 hours. Engine, I replaced the oil seal on the flywheel side at about 800 hours. Spark plugs, oil, air, oil, filters and minor adjustments. One out of ten cold starts, it burns blue smoke for the...
  9. William1

    Changing BX25D Trans fluid

    Time is near! So I am 'prepping'. My drain pan barely holds two gallons, I'll be getting 3+ of course. Anyone had a similar issue? Do I just remove the drain bolt, when my pan is 'full enough' do I stem the flow and screw the bolt in and drain my pan then drain the rest? I've never changed this...
  10. William1

    Kudos to BXExpanded

    Before I even got my BX25D, I got the BXExpanded skidplate and quick on rear receiver. The skidplate, once the front bolts are in, comes off and on with no tools. Nice and stout, well made. My only complaint was the spacers used with the front bolts were just short sections of thin wall conduit...
  11. William1

    I have to set some 8X8 posts

    I have a old bell, that used to be at my parents place.After forty years, the posts rotted and the bell came down and sat in their barn for years. Now it is my turn to have it at my house. It has wrought iron mounts and the bell is dated 1859. It was on 8"x8" posts and sat about 6 and a half...
  12. William1

    Well/Pressure Tank Question

    Recently, I've noticed when my well pump (submersible, 80' from the house) shuts off, I get a single 'water hammer' clank. My feed pipe comes out of the ground, then attached to a few floor joists en-route to the pressure tank and switch. I do not recall the shut off being so severe (ca-junk!)...
  13. William1

    BX25D Diff lock modification

    Before anyone gets excited, no, I have not done this, but would like to. I have found when I am 'stuck' and want to engage this, it is a real PITA to press the lever down with my heel and deal with getting unstuck. IIRC, one of my dads old subcompacts had a simple lever/knob that you could flip...
  14. William1

    PTO or engine trash pump?

    I have to pump out the muck in my pond. 5 gallon buckets hauled to the FEL do not cut it. I could do 10 FELS a day for a few years. I get filthy with the crap splashing. Thinking PTO powered diaphragm trash pump say 3 or four inches capable of a 15' rise. Thoughts/suggestions?
  15. William1

    Too much mass for the BX25D

    I had a few River Birches on my lake. Wanted to get rid of a couple (out of fifty!) These two had quite curved trunks and were leaning out ofer the lake, living on the edge. First one, maybe 8" in diameter and forty fee tall/long (tilted over the water). Cut, dropped, put a chain on it and...
  16. William1

    Clearing a roadside ditch

    In the past, I have used a trusty spade and sweat to dig out my ditch on my 1/2 mile long driveway, with Cool Hand Luke going though my head for the days I am working, thinking about eating forty eggs, having the mans dirt in the bosses hole and spending the night in the box. Now with the BX and...
  17. William1

    Installing a 5/16" hook on a bucket

    I'm considering welding on a 5/16" hook on my bucket but... I do not want to suffer and 'side effects' from it being there. Going on a 12" bucket for a BX25D. I'd love to see pictures and suggestions of locations for one or more.
  18. William1

    WTB 12" Bucket for BT602 (Kubota BX25D)

    I got my tractor with the smaller, 8" bucket and was thinking about adding a 12" to it so... if you have a 12" for sale or know where one is, give me a holler via PM:)
  19. William1

    Back Hoe Reinstalling

    BX25D No problem removing the BH last fall. Easier than I thought it would be. I imagine it will be a little more difficult to put it back on in a week or two. I was wondering.... does anyone apply a little grease to the bottom pins the BH hooks on to the sub frame? I put a little white lithium...
  20. William1

    'Check Chain' Clevis for a BX25D

    Broke two this past weekend being stupid.:eek: These are the clevis that attach between the bottom arms and the turnbuckles. Two per side. "U" shaped clevis with a pin and a hairclip. Anyone have a measurement? Should I just call my dealer and ask him to mail me a few? I've got a temporary...