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  1. Dennis.D

    Dump Trailer

    I'm getting ready to up grade my dump trailer. I have a 6' X 10' Bri Mar. It's been a good trailer, but now I want bigger. I have looked at a lot of trailers and I'm leaning towards the Big Tex 14LP 12' or 14' length. There are so many options it gets over whelming. I like the cover that rolls...
  2. Dennis.D

    Hydraulic Filter guard Gr L6060

    After denting a new hydraulic filter on my Gr L with a stick, I decided to make a guard for the filters. Here's what I have done so far. I made the frame to attach to some existing bolts under the tractor. Now I just have to weld the expanded metal to the frame and bolt it on. It will be...
  3. Dennis.D

    Axle fluid on Gr L6060

    Whats everyone using in the front axles for fluid. The manual says 80-90 or SUTD. Doesn't give any temp ranges or any other info. I live in Maine and use the tractor for snow removal. I also use the tractor in the heat of summer. The SUTD must lube the differential in the rear, because there is...
  4. Dennis.D

    Grand L6060 cat 1 or 2, 3pt hitch

    I am trying to find a hydraulic top link for my Gr L6060. The pin is 3/4" and the ball width is 1 3/4" on my tractor. From what I have researched this is a cat 1. Most of the cat 1 hyd cylinders are too short. The cat 2 cylinders are the right length and have a lot more push and pull power but...
  5. Dennis.D

    what's the temperature

    With this cold spell taking in most of the country what is the temp where you are? Here in central Maine it is 14 degrees.
  6. Dennis.D

    rear remotes on Grand L6060HSTC

    Does any one have a picture of the rear remotes on a grand L6060 cab tractor? I am looking to add 2 remotes for top and tilt. Its about $2200 at dealer. I do a lot of mechanic work, but have no experience with hydraulics. If its a kit with instructions I'm sure I can put it all together. Looks...
  7. Dennis.D

    LED lights fade out radio

    I installed LED lights on my L6060 cab. 2 on the top front corners of the cab. (replaced the factory lights) and 2 on the side hooked into the rear canopy lights. When I turn on the LEDs the radio fades out. I have tried putting ferrite magnets on the LED light wires and the radio antenna wire...
  8. Dennis.D

    Added a radio

    I installed a radio with Bluetooth, DVD player and a backup camera. The radio has a 7 inch drop down screen which worked well in the over head console. I hooked the camera up to a toggle switch so I can turn it on any time I want to see behind or I can leave it on. I can even watch movies. All...
  9. Dennis.D

    quick attach mounting plates

    I need to attach a quick attach mounting plate to my forks. I see the mounting plates (from titan) from 1/4", 5/16", 3/8" and 1/2". I am guessing the difference is what the lift rating will be. I don't want to get to small a thickness and have it bend and let go and I don't want too heavy if I...