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  1. rgOO6

    L2501 Loader Leveling

    I tried searching the forums but did not find anything. I am sure that someone has asked how to level the loader bucket on an L2501, so can someone point me in the right direction?
  2. rgOO6

    Getting additional traction

    Hello All, Just curious what the safest way is to add weight to a tractor when moving a heavy load around the woods. I have ag tires and 4x4 but the tires just start slipping in the leaves and dirt. Is is pretty standard to temporarily add some weights to the front and back to try and get...
  3. rgOO6

    L2501 Loader Bucket Safety Pin on Grease Pin

    I wondered how long they would last when I saw them from the dealership that way. I looked around for a while at home depo and picked up some bolts and nylon lock washers. I actually ended up grabbing a wire lock pin (pictured). It fits pretty well and does not hit anything. I like this idea...
  4. rgOO6

    L2501 Loader Bucket Safety Pin on Grease Pin

    Pictures of the actual safety screw that is missing. You can see that the screw is installed with the nut on top because of clearance issues on the bottom.
  5. rgOO6

    L2501 Loader Bucket Safety Pin on Grease Pin

    Hello, My screw fell out on the grease pin. I would rather replace it with a solid pin that locks instead of a screw and lock nut. Anyone found a good option that works well? I attached a picture of the grease pin I am talking about. The safety pin is on the inside. The problem is that the...
  6. rgOO6

    L2501 tuned down...? Dealer stated...?

    Definitely will be following this post. I do not need anything more out of my L2501DT cause it does everything just fine, but boosting it looks incredibly fun. Just to restate the caution others have said above (I have done engine timing when I raced cars), you need to be really careful...
  7. rgOO6

    Tiller or disc harrow

    Quick question for the disc harrow guys. Is there a benefit to buying a more expensive one? I see prices kind of all over the place. I am leaning towards one that is adjustable, but not sure if the extra money is actually worth it. Anybody have any experience comparing a nice expensive disc...
  8. rgOO6

    Quick Hitch Selection for L2501

    I am still a bit torn on whether to get the QH15 or the PAT's system. From what I can tell, the PAT's seems to allow a broader range of equipment manufacturers. I plan to buy some off-brand subsoiler and plow attachments. So that is one reason I am thinking of going with the PAT's instead of...
  9. rgOO6

    Quick Hitch Selection for L2501

    I am been doing some more researching on this topic. Is there anyone running an adjustable/hydraulic top link with the PAT's system? That is what I am thinking about going with.
  10. rgOO6

    Watering a Garden

    I did some reading on the drip line. It sounds like exactly what I need. I am planning to have a barrel that I will fill with water every day or two. I can run a header off the barrel to the end of the garden area. My area is slightly downhill, so I am planning to run the lines down hill. I...
  11. rgOO6

    Work continues on the shooting range.

    One thing you might want to consider is noise control. I live in a rural area, but is becoming more populated. So in addition to having a good berm, I am also having to consider some walls to help cushion to sound. Some companies make some really neat round walls that slip right over the...
  12. rgOO6

    Watering a Garden

    I am looking at making a water layout for my garden. It is not super big. I am planning to fabricate some 3' x 9' PVC frames. The frame will have tiny holes drilled all along the bottom so that I can just pipe it to a large drum and let the water slowly run out and water that section of the...
  13. rgOO6

    Is there interest in a DIY Loader Kit for B6100/B7100?

    From a seller standpoint, I do not think you should sell a kit like this. If you want to give away the design, that is fine, but make sure there are plenty of "at your own risk" statements. Keep in mind that equipment manufacturers spend millions of dollars on testing and R&D so they do not...
  14. rgOO6

    Quick Hitch Selection for L2501

    I might take you up on that. You live in Kentucky? I actual had a trip planned up there but got canceled due to COVID.
  15. rgOO6

    Quick Hitch Selection for L2501

    Hey RBA50, that makes sense and helps explain the difference between the lift rating and implement weights. I won't worry so much about exceeding it. I have read of other people using bigger implements than the table (specifically with disc harrows). I will probably buy some implements and...
  16. rgOO6

    Quick Hitch Selection for L2501

    Thank you for all the comments. I wanted to ask about the implement weight restriction, since I may not be looking at them correctly. From the comments above, the only thing that was looked at was the lift capacity 24" behind the link. What about the implement weight tables that are in the...
  17. rgOO6

    Which to buy L2501 or L3301

    I have not had my L2501DT very long at all, but I really cannot imagine needing a bigger tractor. I continue to be impressed with what I can do with it. I have 4 acres. About 2 acres is cleared (including my house). I have about a 100 yard gravel driveway. I have a 1/2 acre garden. I also...
  18. rgOO6

    Quick Hitch Selection for L2501

    Hello All! I am trying to decide between the QH05, QH10, and QH15 quick hitches from Landpride. For the L2501, it seems like watching the weight on the back is important. From the manual, the implement max weights are: rotary-cutter = 770 lbs disk harrow = 660 lbs cultivator = 550 lbs box...
  19. rgOO6

    Shank Repairs

    I am thinking of welding these back together. How critical is it to have the shank tooth break away? It would be a bit easier to just weld it to the shank directly but if I need to I can repair it with the break away still functional.
  20. rgOO6

    Everything Attachments WOW!!!

    I work in manufacturing and the lead time, shipping, and labor issues are severe right now. Companies get behind because of raw materials. They order extra so the raw material dealers get excessive orders. There are not enough trucks to move it all. YRC downsized twice this decade. But their...