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  1. Chinook3

    Trails ?

    I live in Michigan and would like to make a nice trail down through my woods. Obviously start with cutting obstructions but what about the path itself. Will the tire tracks cut the path or do I need a blade of some kind? Also any tips on this? Thanks Chinook3
  2. Chinook3

    Zero turn Mowers—What’s best?

    Finding out my new BX2380 is a great tractor but I just can’t get the yard trimmed properly, so I am in need of a trim mower. Thinking a zero turn is the way to go. Since I have a 60in MMM on my Kubota I am looking for a 42/48 inch deck. I don’t know much about zero turns and I see forums...
  3. Chinook3

    BX2380 need electrical to use winch

    First tractor, so I am still figuring how/what/where. I have a winch mounted on a trailer hitch. My idea is to slide the the winch into the trailer receiver that is mounted on 3 point hitch and use that. The only problem is getting power to the winch. Currently I must access the battery...
  4. Chinook3

    MMM deck and storage

    New BX2380 owner and looking for a efficient storage solution for my MMM. It’s a RCK60B, so its 60 inches wide and weighs 250#. I want to store it vertically. I am thinking I will find two pieces of steel pipe to act as as axels. Max OD diameter is one inch. I plan to insert these in place of...
  5. Chinook3

    Log Arches

    Log Arches Anyone ever use one of these with a BX series? I have a new 2380 and need to give it a little extra muscle. Does the length of the grip area allow you to move a larger log? Chinook3