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  1. skeets

    Knowledgeable mater growers

    Well really I guess I need someone that knows the history of the Roma tomatoes. Years ago the old gal that lived over the hill would bring up a peck of Roma's for me doing stuff around her place. But I digress, these were the larges Roma's I had ever seen. Thick walls very meaty with little...
  2. skeets

    Flap wheel

    Mine has given up the ghost on my bench grinder, now I know someone sells them but I guess I have not been looking inthe right place, OR, I am calling it by the wrong name. I think it was 80 grit, I picked it up new at a yard sale long time ago. SO anyone have any ideas,,thanks
  3. skeets

    Diesel fuel question

    What is renewable diesel ?
  4. skeets

    Got a hummer this morning

    Get your minds out of the gutter ya perv's! First hummer of the season at the feeder in and out pretty quick but the juice seems to be going down so I guess they are back,,, summer is almost here yeahhhhhh
  5. skeets

    Mantis tiller

    Sometime back, and I cannot find it, but someone posted a web site for mantis tillers for around a hundred bucks,, Anybody know where that was ?
  6. skeets

    Is FB

    acting silly for anyone else today ?
  7. skeets

    Bird feeders

    Has anybody seen or heard that feeders should be removed and not to feed the birds because of the bird flu? I was talking to a guy at the barbers , and he said, and I wasnt listening to closely to where he heard it, on some news media outlet. That they, who ever they are, were asking people to...
  8. skeets

    Dash Cam's

    I may have posted this question before Im not sure. At any rate, I have seen so much stupid stuff on the roads as of late, it is time just to CYA as it were. I am by no means a puter geek dont have a smart phone and know nothing about dash cams. I know prices are all over and trying to read...
  9. skeets

    OK has anybody

    Seen any hummers yet, they should be due soon
  10. skeets

    Grapple Mods

    I know ther are a lot of very talented guys in here. I am looking for mods, that I might do on mine, the tines are too far apart and not long enough to pick up branches with out digging grooves in the dirt, , so anybody have addressed these things, or am I just whining again. Pictures would be...
  11. skeets

    Smart guys

    OK well I have been for some time wondering about a smallish solar set up. Just for experimental purposes, not for the house ,but maybe a back up for the radio or what ever. So the question is and I am going cheeeeeep here is the HF solar sets. They have 2 different ones,, a Monocrystalline and...
  12. skeets

    R 4's on the B

    Anybody and I mean anybody. The book calls for 40pis in these thing, and I found out they are a bloody skid steer tire, find for solid ground but pretty much useless on wet grass and mud. SO the question is what is anyone else keeping them pumped to, I figure knocking the tire pressure down to...
  13. skeets

    Grease fitting

    OK guys did grease the FEL today and the one grease fitting on the QD pulled out in the nozzle. The threads dont look stripped and I cant get it to start back in, So what size tap do I need for these little buggers, I will hit TS or RK in a few and pick up a few or maybe the parts store might...
  14. skeets

    Gas bill

    OK first off I dont mind paying my bills, and normally I just pay and don't bother looking at the bill. But this day I looked at the gas bill, and I called to find out about these charges. Now I used 47.09 worth of gas, OK, and I pay for it. NOW there is a delivery charge of 47.68, 61 cents...
  15. skeets

    the day is nigh

    Caesar: Who is it in the press that calls on me? I hear a tongue shriller than all the music Cry "Caesar!" Speak, Caesar is turn'd to hear. Soothsayer: Beware the ides of March. Caesar: What man is that? Brutus: A soothsayer bids you beware the ides of March.
  16. skeets


    Pi day
  17. skeets

    Just because

    I figured I would plow the driveway and in front of the garage, that WNW wind is chilly. So the BX was first out, and being a guy with nothing better to do this morning, after washing the clothes and sweeping up after the cat ( if I collected all the hair I sweep up I could knit another cat, if...
  18. skeets

    OK its cold snowy and windy

    So Im sitting here looking at the snow listening to surf and hotrod music thinking about small 2 piece bathing suits long blond hair and longing for the smell of burning rubber and loud music while tooling down the road at a high rate of fuel consumption
  19. skeets

    Fuel prices

    I went into town gas at one place was 3.99 for reg and 4.09 for diesel about 2 hours later, was 4.09 for regular and 4.79 for diesel. And there was about a 3 mile long convoy of big trucks headed east onthe interstate
  20. skeets

    Dash Cams

    I just got back to the house and had to clean my shorts out! A snowflake pulled out in front of me at an intersection and I guess she was texting or on the phone, either way I got stopped about 3 feet short of T boning her! And I got back to the barn and started looking for a dash cam, but I...