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    G1800 known issues?

    I posted a thread in the buyers guide section and didn't get any response so I thought I'd try it here. Are there known issues I should look if I was looking at a G1800 with all wheel steering?
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    G1800 AWS with deck and snowblower

    Thinking about looking at a G1800 AWS diesel with deck, blade, and snotblower. Are they known for any issues? ie weak hydro, decks that rust out or eat spindle bearings, that type of thing.
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    Minerals for Deer

    I had about 5 deer licking the concrete cover for my lift pump the other day. I picked up a salt block with trace minerals on my way home. I live on very sandy soil, so the ground doesn't hold much for minerals. What does everyone use for minerals that they put out for deer?
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    Planting clover

    I have a few acres that I want some sort of legume on. I'm on sand. It needs lime which I'll be putting down this spring. Now I understand that the lime will take some time to work and that fall is a better time to plant, but I want to get a quarter acre sample or 2 down this spring. The land...
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    PTO shaft

    Looking for a PTO shaft with the standard 6 spline 540 connector on one end and a 1 inch keyed and drilled female on the other. 1 3/8 is common. I've found 15/16 and 3/4, but no 1 inch. Tried a TSC in person and agri supply online. Looked at Amazon a little bit. Any suggestions? Or do you buy a...
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    Mowing with a Bx

    I moved from a quarter acre to 15 acres last October. I'm thinking about a riding mower. But a used bx with just the deck can be had for about 1500 more than a gr with similar hp. I have a lot of trees to mow around. Will the bx be clumsy as compared to the gr?
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    Three sisters planting

    Anyone use it? You plant corn in hills rather than rows then plant a hill of pole beans next to each hill of corn. You plant pumpkins or squash amongst this. Wondering how well it works and if it could be used with cucumbers or other plants with ground vines.
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    Has anyone used procal or other liquid lime product? It claims to be cheaper than pelletized lime, but I can't find costing. Any thoughts on how well it worked?
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    Inland SA48 snowblower

    I picked up an Inland sa48 snowblower. It's missing part of the PTO shaft which I found at TSC. It's been half-assed converted to category 0 and it's missing the shear pin. The PO said it broke them regularly. I'm wondering what should be used for it. This the one for the impeller. The augers...
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    Impact wrench

    I got a Jet JP2000 impact wrench for $60. It's a 3/4 inch drive that's supposed to put out 2000 ft. lbs . I don't currently have an air compressor that will handle it but was wondering if I could get enough time out of it with my 1 hp pancake compressor to loosen a couple nuts given time to...
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    Brush mower blade replacement

    My 48 inch king kutter brush mower needs blades. At least one of the bolts has the spline stripped. There appears to be a shoulder on the bolt so I can't just cut the head off. I'm thinking I need a giant pipe wrench . Is there a better idea?
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    I'm looking at used rear finish mowers. Don't really need one but we don't let that stop us here. Pretty sure I want rear discharge. Feel free to try to talk me out of that if you feel motivated to do so . Woods looks well built but the ones I'm seeing on craigslist all seem to be side...
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    Paint caulk order of operation

    When I bought my house the caulk around the shower and bathtub was leaking. This caused some of the mud to swell and crack. I chipped out the bad mud and am waiting for the new mud to dry. Once I'm done with the joint compound which goes next paint or caulk?
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    Door Dash

    We're working from home where I work. We used to have regular staff meetings over lunch. We're having a remote staff meeting where we have a choice of gift cards from door dash uber eats and a few places that aren't local to me. Anyone use either one? Do I need to download anything for either one?
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    Compression ratio on old tractors

    I was looking at the specs on old 2 banger deeres and was wondering how they ran with such low compression. Some of them are less than 4 to 1.
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    Crimping ferrule

    What does everyone use for ferrules? My 16 foot tandem needs rewiring. The ones commonly available have seams in them that lead to bad crimps if not oriented properly.
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    Acrylic Rods in the shower

    I have a one piece shower and bathtub. There is a acrylic grab rod that is flaking. How do you fix or replace that?
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    Hey Skeets

    Recognize this?
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    Cow Farts

    So BK has an ad where they claim that their cattle are fed lemon grass which reduces methane emissions by 30percent. Anyone understand how that works?
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    Mowing saplings

    I'm going to mow some brush. I don't want sharp points left. The blades on the brush hog were pre dulled when I bought it. I'll leave them dull for now. What else should I do? Throttling back shifting down? Looking to get broomed ends not cut.