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    3 point quick connect

    I take my rear blade off every time I need to do snow removal. I just got Pats quick hitch and I don’t know how I lived without it. It’s not “drive up and go”, but I no longer have to muscle stuff anymore. It’s worth every penny.
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    B2301 or B2601?

    If you are performance matching implements to your machine you will probably be fine. Kubota wouldn't sell the B2301 if it wasn't a decent machine. A B2301 might do things slower, but it's 100 times faster than doing it by hand. $1,500 is the cost of an implement. I would try to set your...
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    BX snow removal suggestions.

    Since you’re in Chicago I’d consider how much snow you get on average too. Snowblowers are great, but tend to be $$$. You might find a small rear blade cheap on the used market and it could work well enough for the few times a year you need it. I have a blade with a rubber cutting edge. I find...
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    L series Backhoe worth getting?

    It's an expensive attachment. I have the even smaller BH70 on my B2601. Realistically, for me it probably will never pay off financially. But I do like having it, I end up doing tasks I would have done by hand before (and wouldn't have rented a machine for or contracted out). It's fun to use...
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    new kubota b2301 owner operator

    Does that step cause interference if you have the mid mount mower?
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    Kubota Electric Tractor Survey

    Im surprised and not surprised by the Debbie downers and negativity in this thread. I find it interesting that people can’t be open the potential and the possibilities of new technologies and only can think negatively. With narrow mindsets like that we’d still be using horses on dirt paths.
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    Kubota Electric Tractor Survey

    Hey that's pretty cool thanks for sharing.
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    Kubota B2601 Winter Front Covers and other '01 series tractors

    Hey all I'm Greg. David's a really nice guy and helped me get the template he needed. I have a set and they are really nice quality (material, magnets, construction) and work really well. I just wish I had a cab now ;) so I could be warm too.
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    Kubota Electric Tractor Survey

    I think the average rate for kWh is in the low to mid teens for the USA. I think fewer utilities offer these “sweet” buyback deals for electricity you sell back (where they are buying back at a rate higher than you pay). That used to be the case a long time ago but as PV has increased in...
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    Kubota Electric Tractor Survey

    Kilowatts is power. Energy is power sustained over time - kWh. A person does not “use” 12.1 kW a day because kW is a power unit. On the other hand, if you ran a 12.1 kW motor all day long you would use 290.4 kWh in a day. Thats a lot (like $1000/month electricity bill at $0.12/kWh) The best...
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    Looking for new tractor for 80th

    Congrats. What are you operating now? (you mention a tractor crossing, sounds like you currently have a tractor?)
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    Looking for new tractor for 80th

    The B2601 treadle pedal is awful (too stiff). I'm pretty sure the LX doesn't suffer this issue.
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    Kubota Electric Tractor Survey

    This x100. This is human nature. We oppose change. I promise you that people looked down on the first automobiles in favor of their horse and buggies. Horse and buggies were faster, quieter, more reliable. Hell, where were you going to get fuel for that fancy automobile!? Imagine if everyone...
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    Kubota Electric Tractor Survey

    I work in the clean energy industry. Electrification and reducing carbon emissions is probably one of the greatest and complex challenges our society may face. It won’t be cheap or easy. The question is, “is it worth to it?” If you believe climate change is fake, then probably not. If you think...
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    Brand New 2021l2501 oil plug falls out

    Sorry to hear this happened to you. I also would be really bummed out. As some others have mentioned, it's ideal if you were able to take pictures, a bunch of them. Under the tractor, the line of oil on the ground, the more pictures the better, you never know what you might need them for later...
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    Message from Messicks

    Completely agree. I don’t mean to place the blame solely on the pandemic as I too think the problem is multifaceted and extremely complex (even though politicians would like you to think it’s just one thing the other side is doing 🙄)
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    Message from Messicks

    Nothing is going back to the way it was, thanks to the pandemic. The only things that should return to somewhat normal levels are things that are unrealistically inflated in price like lumber was. It’ll go down a lot; but it’s not going to go back to 2015-2019 levels.
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    B2310, b2601 or L2501

    I want to say on the new Ls (L02 I think) they moved the brakes to the opposite side of the treadle and got rid of the clutch.
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    Recommend a kubota product for my use case

    The 1025R has a little more loader capacity, more weight I believe, a better drive over mower deck connection system, position control 3 point hitch. BX could be a nice fit too, you could try both to see which one is more user friendly for you. My position is to buy the right machine for the...