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    Tractor instead of fork lift - newbie

    As I stated before load tires help but they are not enough to correctly ballast the tractor. The following video will help explain the reason the 3 point ballast is required. In real life the larger tractor owners ignore the rear ballast on the 3 point but that does not mean they should.
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    Tractor instead of fork lift - newbie

    Loaded tires are not a good ballast for the FEL but they will improve the stability of the tractor. . Loaded tires do nothing to remove the load from the front axle. In transferring the weight to the rear axle you gain better control of the brakes and reduces the wear and tear of the front...
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    Can't remove propshaft from gearhead on rotary cutter.....ideas?

    I would run a drill bit in the hole where the shear bolt goes in order to clean it up. Secure the mower to a tree. Wrap a chain around the yoke and gently pull on the chain with a come along. Touch the backside of the yoke with a chipping hammer. Should come apart.
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    What did you do to or on your Kubota today?

    Be careful with the strap across the steps. I know when I, at 325 pounds, step upon my L2501 the step flexes a great deal. I would think that there are better options to tiedown the middle strap. There are holes on my tractor's loader frame that will let you place a small clevis on the loader...
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    New Member With Hauling Question

    I have hauled several tractors for many different people and dealers. I would look where the drawbar goes through the supporting frame at the rear of the trailer. Often the gap were the drawbar goes is large enough to put the hook on your chain through, Loop the hook back around and hook it to...
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    Tractor Stability

    I grew up in SE Ohio. My brother worked at the local Wheel Horse dealer. Most of the tractors that were sold went out the door with bar also know as ag tires that were loaded. Clay hills are not conducive to turf tires. Small industrial tires where not common back then either. So I would extend...
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    Tractor Stability

    I am sure that your safety is more important then your grass. Load the rear tires. If the wheels will allow wheel weights I would add them as well. Anytime you are using the FEL you need to have a weight hanging off the 3 point hitch. Also continue to use the 4 x 4 as long as you are not on...
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    Tie Down Setup - Legal/Safe?

    Your hooks look to be fine. They are shallow and might allow the chain to come off in an accident. The solution is easy, cross the chain under the frame to the opposite side of the trailer. This makes the chain pull into the throat of the hook and less likely to come off. The second thought...
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    To anyone interested: Check this one about 4:50
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    I have over 1,000,000 miles of dragging a trailer across the state of Florida. The closest thing I’ve ever had happened to me was witnessed by a state trooper as he was writing a ticket. The front tire of my dually blew out at 75 miles an hour. I was in the passing lane to avoid the trooper when...
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    Mcmix i’m glad to hear you to take such care in hooking up your trailers. But all the care in the world will not prevent an accident from happening. The chains crossed underneath the hitch prevent the hitch from dropping down into the ground and may allow the tow vehicle to pull the trailer...
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    Gooseneck vs Bumper Pull

    You need to fight the ticket as it was issued incorrectly. I drive a GMC 3500 GVW of 11400, a Big Tex trailer with a GVW of 14,500. Total of 25,9000 pounds. No CDL and I have been DOTed several times without any problems. If the combined weight is less then 26,001 then the CDL is not required...
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    Wheel mounted ballast weights for a L4701

    Try these: Free shipping? /
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    Gooseneck vs Bumper Pull

    Some 5th wheels can tilt left and right but the tilt is very small. The gooseneck ball allows the greater amount of motion. This trailer is made to go off road. In the US the maximum trailer is 102 inches. Over that you need...
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    Gooseneck vs Bumper Pull

    Before you buy anything check with whom ever you have your auto insurance with to make sure there are no problems in the personal vs commercial aspect of your insurance. Second take a look at the tow rating of your truck as it is built. Do not go by the BS on the internet and look up the...
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    Picture of your tractor on your trailer

    You can buy an oversize permit for the state of FL so you can move the tractor often without any worries. You can buy the oversized signs and red flags at a truck stop, Then you could travel without any problems.
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    Storage? Portable Canopy Garage, door is too short.

    Here is a thread with some more options. There is a picture showing mine that has 4 ties down each side and 2 across the end.
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    Buying another soon

    With only 1 acre how much are you feeding? A 1000 pound bale on a 3 point bale spear of a L2501 should work but it is not a MMM tractor. Do you need to carry the bale? You could use the tractor to roll the bale to the field without picking it up at all. I have suggested a bale buggy like this...
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    Disadvantages of a 48" disc harrow on an L2501?

    Maybe this will help...
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    Disadvantages of a 48" disc harrow on an L2501?

    I would think if you are using a disc harrow to level and smooth the field before seeding a larger and heavier disc would be much more useful. A 48 inch disc is too light and it will not cut very deep. You need a leveling disc like this.