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    Why Is Camo More Expensive?

    Dealer told me that camo on a X900 is an additional $400 over orange. Just wondering if that because of demand, painting techniques, or simply added profit? I was on the fence about color but decided on orange because of the extra charge.
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    Ruptured Fuel line

    Had something happen that I did not expect today. As I was aerating my lawn I noticed oil spots on the aerator. When I got off the tractor and checked I found the fuel line had ruptured. Evidently this was caused when I was changing from a flail mower to a scrape blade I hung a wrench on the...
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    Aftermarket Wheels for B8200

    I have searched long and hard for used and aftermarket turf wheels for a B8200. Does anyone have a source for aftermarket wheels? I have emailed several used tractor parts dealers and each have said they do not have any used wheels at this time.
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    Trade Ag Tires and Wheels for Turf Wheels

    I'm looking to trade for a set of wheels to fit a Kubota B8200 4WD. The turf tire sizes I plan to use are Front: 24x8.50-12 Rear: 13.6-16. (I have the rear tires but not the front) The front hub has 6 lugs at 4.5" center to center and the center hub diameter is 2.75" The rear hub has 6 lugs...
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    B8200 Turf Tire Wheels

    Bought a Kubota B8200 4WD that I am in the process of restoring. It had weathered ag tires on it. I happened upon a pair of new rear turf tires that had been taken off another kubota at little cost. Does anyone have any suggestions as to where I could get some wheels that would fit the turf...
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    B8200 Decals

    Bought a B8200 from a fellow who was moving for a good price with the intention of selling it after cleaning it up and painting. At least that is my story. But after playing on it for a while I now realize it may be hard to give up after I finish the cleanup. Anyway I've searched the forum...
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    Tire Mystery

    Purchased my BX23 since last summer and knew that new tires would be necessary in the near future. Found some tires and rims for my BX23 that only had 50 hours before the owner decided to change to a different style. While taking off the old tires today I was surprised to find the left front...
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    L185 Leaking Oil

    My friend's father gave him a Kubota L185 tractor with about 1500 hours. This tractor had only been started a few times in the last 25 years. I have been helping service his tractor with fluids and filters. It starts and runs good however after cleaning a great deal of oil gunk off the engine...
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    BX-23 Turf Tire

    I have located a used set of turf tires and rims with about 50 hours that came off a BX2360 for $400. I really liked the turf tires on my B7100 because they didn't tear up my lawn as much. Most of the use of my machine is in and around the yard and if these would fit my machine I believe I...
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    Service Manual Downloads

    Whenever I search for service information on my tractor I come across the websites for PDF service manual downloads. I hesitate to download things from unfamiliar websites due to malware and privacy concerns. Has anyone who downloaded from these sites had problems? Do you get tons of spam or...
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    Quick Hitch Expensive Boat Anchor?

    A friend was telling me he bought a Harbor Freight Quick Hitch some years ago and found that a boat anchor would be the the best use for it. He also said if I wanted it to come get it out of his way. I have not used a quick hitch with my BX23 and am not really sure how to set it up and what I...
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    Trailer Break Away Kit Not Required

    I pull a 16' tandem axle utility trailer occasionally in North Carolina. Trailer break away kits are not required in NC and my trailer did not come with them. In fact none of the people that I personally know with trailers have them installed. Depending on whose figures I use, my BX23 weighs...
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    Under Armor For BX-23

    I called BXpanded about Under Armor for my BX-23. The owner Harry Clearman answered my call personally and told me the did not offer Under Armor for the BX-23 because he didn't have access to a BX-23 for measurements. Living about an hour from the BXpanded shop I agreed to take my tractor to...
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    Conrol Valve for Hydraulic Offset Mower

    Saw a 4 foot flail mower the other day that has a hydraulic offset that got me to thinking. It seems that an implement such as this should work with a BX23 with the correct type of hydraulic valve. Having very little experience with hydraulic properties, is there an inline valve that is easily...
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    Flail mower too Large?

    I was just offered a 6 ft flail mower for a great price but believe it is too large for a bx-23. Does anyone have experience with this?
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    Changing BX23 Fuel Filters takes 3.5 Hours!

    Thought I would spend about 30 minutes changing the fuel filters on my BX23 but while preforming this task, I noticed the air cleaner bracket had broken and needed re-welding. Then I remembered I needed to measure to make a HST fan shield and it was obvious that a wash and a grease job was...
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    BX23 Service manual

    Searched for a good price on a BX23 Service Manual but what I've found is several websites that are no longer active, sites that have changed and don't have service manuals listed, and sites that my security software says are unsafe. Does anyone have access to a reasonable service manual for...
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    BX23 Driveshaft Fan Broken

    Sorry. Double post.
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    BX23 Driveshaft Fan Broken

    Purchased a BX23 a few days ago. When I was changing the oil today I saw the driveshaft fan is broken. The machine runs fine. How can I tell if the HST is damaged? Is there anything I should do besides replacing the fan?
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    Help with Loader for B7100

    Hi folks! I have been monitoring this site picking up great information for a while and appreciate all the good info. I have a B7100 and ran across a B6100 with a factory loader installed that is cheaper than I can purchase a coldwater loader unit (with shipping). Will a B6100 unit fit a...