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    Wheel Color or Covers?

    After doing a lot of refinishing work on my G2160 I am thinking my wheels look a little "shabby". Wondering if anyone knows what the color is of the wheels (definitely not white but some type of very pale beige), or I ahve seen some with some polished "baby moons". I might go for that instead.
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    Remove Steering Wheel G2160

    So I would really like to get the steering wheel off. So far everything I have tried = failure. I even asked the dealer service dept if they had a puller I could perhaps buy or borrow. Service tech said they just put a pry bar under the wheel and "zap" it on the top shaft with his Snap On air...
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    Removing Emblems

    Has anyone ever had any luck removing and reusing the KUBOTA emblems (or as the parts book calls them "labels") on the sides of the fiberglass hood? It would be item number 60 on the drawing
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    ISO G2160 HST Fan

    So looking for the HST cooling fan for a G2160. Mine has a missing blade, and there seems to be some confusion as to what to buy. So if anyone is parting out a G2160 and has an intact HST cooling fan please let me know
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    Help with speed control pedal G2160

    So, my 2160 has a weird thing I think is related to 2 issues. Misadjustment of the speed/direction control system/linkage and quite a lot of wear. The machine is ridiculously fast in forward. Literally "scary" fast. Running along at near 20 mph with engine on the governor and pedal full down...
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    Just wondering

    Given as how Shell cannot seem to supply T-6 oil I stumbled across this at the Fleet Farm. Farm Rated Extreme Duty Full Synthetic Diesel Engine Oil by Farm Rated at Fleet Farm Just wondering if anyone has used it in their diesel? Any issues? Any input good or bad. Price is great found 2 gal...
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    Early but figured I would ask now about mower deck

    So yeah, we've got wind howling at 50+ mph -10 wind chill so lawn mowing is still a ways off. But, wanting to get my ducks in a row. One thing I have noticed while mowing with the Kubota is if there is a slight dip or sway in the soil it will scalp the grass (mostly on the center "front") blade...
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    How to "freewheel" and possible differential lock

    So 2 separate question dealing with my G2160 If one needed to push or pull these tractors how does one "disengage" the HST to allow this? On my other machines HST equipped there was always some type of "release" lever to allow freewheel. Secondly I have had a few times where the lack of being...
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    Winter Prep

    My G2160 is used for cutting grass only. So other than filing fuel tank, making sure there is a good fuel treatment/anti-gel, oil change and a battery maintainer. Anything else I should do to it before it goes to sleep for the winter? Not even sure if I need to do oil and filter before winter as...
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    Battery Life/Charge

    So yesterday for the first time in about 2 weeks (maybe a little more) because it's been drier than the Sahara here, I went out to run the G2160 and mow the lawn a bit. My battery was new this spring. But this has been the longest the machine has sat without starting/running. I noticed when I...
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    GR2110 possible fixer upper

    So I stumbled onto a local person has a GR2110. Looks to be in really nice shape EXCEPT the trans is bad. How difficult is this unit to repair (it's an AWD model) and what usually goes haywire on them? Finally what might be a fair offer for it (he just wants it gone)? Or are there any things...
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    Removal of rear fenders/sheetmetal G2160

    I would like to remove the rear sheetmetal of my G2160. I have been perusing the workshop manual and cannot find any procedure. Has anyone done it? Care to share any procedure and or photos? Did a forum search and turned up nothing
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    Maybe an odd question but here goes

    I have now owned 3 tractors with hydro transmissions. Simplicity Sovereign, Honda 4514 and now this Kubota G2160. But one thing has always puzzled me about HST units. Is it better to run at your desired ground speed with as low an engine speed as possible or better to run the throttle up and...
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    Tachometer and fuel gauge Install

    Has anyone installed a tach on one of the G series machines with the diesel? If so what did you use? I would also like to replace the feeble fuel light with a gauge as well. Hell all the lights are feeble. In daylight you cannot see any of them easily. Anyway, thoughts on all this?
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    Front axle bushing

    On the G2160 is there a replaceable bushing for the front axle pivot? Mine seems to have just a tad more play than I would like. I would like to "tighten up" the steering just a bit more.
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    Mulching Blades

    Looking for feedback and advice on mulching blades for my 60" deck. Ordered the Predator series. I know also Oregon makes a similar type. Is it better to use them with some type of "plate" in the discharge or just continue to run with it "open"?
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    Rubber mats and Brake Interlock G2160

    So a couple "issues" and questions. I have been fighting a click click no start on my G2160. After much process of elimination I seem to have the voltage loss narrowed down to the brake interlock switch. Is there an easy way to remove that blasted thing?! I can see the screws but on the back are...
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    Weird HST Pedal Operation G2160

    So I have a G2160 just purchased. Runs like a champ fairly well cared for. Only thing bothering me is the HST pedal. If the engine is off (now after lubricating everything) it moves freely and returns to neutral just fine. But with engine running it becomes stiff and will only partially return...