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    Help-Mx5200 first hydraulic fluid change

    Did my 400 hr hydraulic change. Manual shows 4 normal plugs to remove. One on each side of rear axle and 2 on belly. However my forward most belly plug wasnt an external hex headed nut like manual shows. Instead it was a allen head plug flush with the belly shown in the picture. So i didnt...
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    R4 Tires for sale

    Titan 12-16.5 R4 fronts and Titan 17.5L-24 R4 rears for sale. Both are on Kubota rims. These are currently on my MX5200 and I will need some lead time to purchase some new R1's. These tires have 190 hours on them and are like brand new.
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    Mx5200 tire change

    I have a MX5200 with 12-16.5 R4 fronts and 17.5-24 R4 rears. I am disappointed in the traction, especially in 2wd. I currently have to operate in 4wd for about 80% of what I do. Can I replace the rears with 14.9-26 R1's and leave the front R4's on without messing up the ratio? I live in...
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    MX5200Hst Cold weather OPC

    I've had a MX5200 since last September. Just under 50 hrs. Last week in single digit temps I was blading and bucketing snow. After an hour or so I dismounted and tractor quit showing an opc code. Thinking it was the seat I wiggled the switch and restarted the tractor. This happened twice...