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    MX-6000 Likes and Dislikes.

    My only two complaints with the mx6000 are it should come standard with a drop hitch. stock one is useless if you want to pull a PTO driven mower. Second is you cannot put a backhoe on a cab model. im stuck with a rops tractor because I use a backhoe.
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    Kubota 84 month tractor loan

    MSRP it the manufacturer SUGGESTED retail price. Dealer can charge whatever he wants.
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    MX6000 draw bar issues.

    Kubota must know it’s an issue because if you go to their site and build your mx6000 it is an option under drawbar.
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    MX6000 draw bar issues.

    Does anyone know the part number for Kubota’s drop drawbar for an mx6000? I bought a Titan 1912 flex wing mower and it won’t work with the stock drawbar. Need 8 inches from the center of the pto and the top of the drawbar. There are only 5 1/2 inches with the stock drawbar.