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    Picture of your tractor on your trailer

    Thanks for your input. The Indiana Trooper was very informative. I recommend this to others who have questions. There is another Youtube interview that talks about equipment over 10k pounds that is interesting too. I'm doing more than I need for my little tractor but that is better than...
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    Picture of your tractor on your trailer

    Interesting info. I previously looked at the DOT regs online and they talk about weight and length determining the number of tethers. It sounds like my machine requires 4 tethers. Not sure if a long chain crossing the load and secured on both sides of the trailer meets the criteria. Then...
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    Picture of your tractor on your trailer

    Great pics and discussion! I'm always amazed by the knowledge and creativity of this group. When I trailer my BX23 TLB I use four chains (two in front and two in back) to secure the 4 corners to the trailer. I have a friend who says a long chain in the front and rear that goes through the...
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    Site hijacked in a minor way?

    My initial thought was that "Privacy Essentials" was definitely added. Double checking I found I had added it but somehow it had been disabled. it is suspicious to me how it got disabled without my knowledge.
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    Site hijacked in a minor way?

    Three times this evening I have been misdirected to another site when clicking on a forum reply. Twice it went to a commercial site selling something called Unicorn Spit and once to something else. I cleared my cache, cookies, and history earlier today. This only happens on Orange Tractor...
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    Is the equipment shortage ending? Probably not, but look at this JD dealer's lot.

    Two Kubota dealers I visited when looking for my RTV had a number of new machines sitting on the lot. They both told me that all of these machines were sold and that they were waiting for various parts and/or accessories to come in prior to delivery to customers. I think some had been waiting...
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    Why Is Camo More Expensive?

    Ha ha! Good observation! (or lack thereof)
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    Why Is Camo More Expensive?

    My military family members and friends would strongly disagree with these studies.
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    Why Is Camo More Expensive?

    I chose orange because of the cost but the reason I was considering a different color is that orange makes the machine stand out as a prime item to steal as people pass by on the road. Orange catches the eye whether the machine is parked on the side of the road or in the garage.
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    Why Is Camo More Expensive?

    Dealer told me that camo on a X900 is an additional $400 over orange. Just wondering if that because of demand, painting techniques, or simply added profit? I was on the fence about color but decided on orange because of the extra charge.
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    Small tractor advice

    Have 6 acres, 3 in grass and 3 in woods. Over the years I have owned 3 Kubota tractors. Had a larger B Series (about 20 years ago) that was really too large for yard work. I then bought a B7100 that worked great for mowing and bush hogging but lacked a loader. I found a used BX23d TLB that...
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    Website Hacked?

    Haven't experienced reboots but at random times when I click on a thread in a forum I will be taken to an ad on a new page. I will have to close that page out and try again on the thread.
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    LX2610 quotes from dealers

    How do you join the National Cutting Horse Assn. for free? What I'm seeing on the website are different prices for different classifications. Check that....... After I started to fill out the application, the free information was revealed.
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    Frustration with waiting on new Kubota order

    As we discuss the frustrations of delays... I'm hoping this covid-19 delta variant fizzles before our economy is greatly affected on top of the damage we have already experienced the past year and a half.
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    Frustration with waiting on new Kubota order

    I ordered an RTV X900 two weeks ago and Friday the dealer told me Kubota was saying they (dealer) should receive the unit the last week in August. If that holds it will be around 6 weeks for me as well.
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    Frustration with waiting on new Kubota order

    Doesn't bode well for the RTV X900 I ordered a couple of weeks ago. Dealer said it may not arrive until late September but we may get lucky and get an earlier delivery. They say patience is a virtue but it is not fun.
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    New-to-me 1982 B7100

    I had a b7100 for 20 years before buying a bx23. I loved that tractor and wished many times I could have afforded to keep both tractors. You have a great little tractor that is durable and strong. I noticed from your pics that the exhaust pipe is pointed up. If you work around trees you...
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    Ruptured Fuel line

    Had something happen that I did not expect today. As I was aerating my lawn I noticed oil spots on the aerator. When I got off the tractor and checked I found the fuel line had ruptured. Evidently this was caused when I was changing from a flail mower to a scrape blade I hung a wrench on the...
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    Has anyone actually replaced the HST fan on a BX series tractor?

    I replaced the fan on my BX-23. After taking up the deck, I was able (after much trial and error) to compress the shaft enough to get the fan in place. I accomplished this using ratchet tie down straps to pull the shaft back. The local Kubota Dealer said this is not possible to do on the...
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    New bx 25d questions

    Had to replace the fan on my BX-23. It took quite a bit of work so I decided to buy a shield from Bxpanded. Not sure about the BX-25 but I would be paranoid using my machine in the woods without a shield. No problems since the shield installation. Most of the time I keep my backhoe off...