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    Where is full in HST dipstick?

    I have a 3 cylinder gas rider mower. G2460 model. Not sure where full is on the GST dipstick. Anyone know. There is a hole in the dipstick right in the twist.
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    HST swap

    I think I might need a new HST in my B2400. $4K new and $2K from the salvage I called. I see someone locally parting out a B21. My B2400 has a two speed and the B21 is a 3 speed. Very close in production years. ANY chance the B21 HST would fit in the B2400?
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    3 Cylinder Gas. Cannot find the timing mark on the "rear end plate". WSM terminology.

    Had to replace the distributor on my 3 cylinder gas WG752 engine. I can see the timing mark on the flywheel, but I cannot find the timing mark on the "rear end plate" (WSM terminology). Attached is a pic of the are where the WSM says the timing mark on the rear end plate is located. Anyone...
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    Traveller Universal Tractor Trans/Hydraulic Fluid is Misleading!

    First... my hydrostat trans is weak. Meaning tractor can struggle going up hill in high. The fix of that issue will be discussed in another thread. The story... new to me B2400 tractor. Seemed to drive fine when I test drove it. Got it home and see that it had a drip leak from one of the...
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    G2460G Riding Mower Has No Spark

    A new to me G2460R rider has no spark. The engine is the WG752-ES-24G 3 cylinder gas engine. I have the WSM for the G2460 mower and it is close to worthless in troubleshooting electrical issues. With the key switch on, I have 12V at the negative terminal and positive terminal both of the...
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    GCK54-GR grass catcher

    Any chance I could get a GCK54-GR grass catcher to bolt up to a RC60-24B mower deck on a G2460G riding mower? I could do some basic mods if necessary.