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    MMM Blade Sharpening

    Hello everyone, I am about to remove my mowing deck for the first time to clean it and sharpen the blades. I am looking for suggestions on what/how to best sharpen the blades without having to remove them from the deck. I was going to use an "old school" drill powered grinding wheel. Any tips...
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    Adam Savage Youtube

    Hello everyone , I have come across a series of YouTube videos by Adam Savage that I have been binge watching the last two nights. The guy calls himself a "maker" and that he is. He tours shops around the world, explains his new milling machine, makes movie props, discusses tools...... . Lots of...
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    Help Posting photos

    I have spent about an hour trying to figure out how to add a picture of my beloved motorcycle to my recent post. I found a moderator at one point to whom I felt it I might direct my question but cant even locate that " rabbit hole" again. Please advise. My photo is in my iPhone if that matters...
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    Kubota Virtual Museum

    A fascinating find. Google it. If I could have posted it over here I would have. No need to let me know. A busy and motivated people from the get go. Making iron pipe and whatnot.
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    Gutter Guards

    Hello everyone I have a 2 story house on a hill that would require a 35 foot ladder climb to clean the gutters of leaves. I hate heights and the risk of injury doesn't seem worth it. I have been paying someone to do this for me over the past several years ($400 per year) and wondered if the...
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    Fuel line quick connect O ring

    Hello, I purchased a used motorcycle recently that has developed a gas leak at the quick connect fuel line interface. Having never encountered one of these before the all knowing Google informed me that simply replacing an O ring should fix it. My question is that there are various materials O...
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    Toothbar vs. Asphalt

    Hello, I ordered a vicious looking Bxpanded tooth bar and am having second thoughts about the purchase. I take my loader off weekly to cut my grass and in doing so stick the bucket edge onto the driveway asphalt. So far not an issue however I am wondering if the sharp tooth bar might further...
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    Buzzards=STIHL HT 131

    I was maintaining my trails cutting back trees and brush with my manually operated pole saw in the high heat and humidity earlier this week. There were several times I had to stop, soaked in perspiration wondering if I might die. I have never been 59 years old before and you never know. I...
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    New B2601 cutting deck

    Hello , I have now mowed my yard 3 times with my new tractor and have a question. When I am backing up say over a 30 ft area is the mower designed to cut as well then as when moving forward ? Initially it looks good but upon closer inspection the whole job looks kind of inconsistent in...
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    New B2601 minor scare

    When slowing or attempting to stop when coming down a steep section should one rely primarily on the brakes (YIKES!) or the hydrostatic pedal or both? As a new operator I have left a couple of 10 ft long skid marks in the grass and nearly had to change my underwear.
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    New B2601 reverse speed

    Hello everyone, Two questions. I had my new rig delivered today and almost immediately set out to cut the grass. About 2 acres of it. I had the RPMs set a little over 2,000 and the tractor in the medium speed mode. First question; Is reverse supposed to be meaningfully slower than when...
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    LA434 or LA435- Mistake?

    Hello everyone, About a week ago I posted "B2601 in 80 minutes". Well when I was discussing the purchase the dealer said he would use an LA434 instead of the newer LA435 loader with the swift-tach. I didn't think much of it at the time however they are going to be assembling it possibly tomorrow...
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    B2601 in 80 minutes !

    Hello All, I understand many have had problems getting tractors lately. I will recount my experience today. Called Golden Eagle Equipment in Irwin Pennsylvania (near Pittsburgh) and asked if they had a B2601 that they could outfit with a loader ,mower and turf tires. Yup was the answer. Took 55...
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    Kubota F3080

    Hello everyone, I am in the market for a new used mower or tractor and am intrigued by the Kubota F models. There is a used F3080 not to far from me with 900 hours , a 72 " front mounted deck and powered by a 30 HP three cylinder D1305 engine. According to my online findings these were produced...
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    Hello everyone. On YouTube there are what looks like B model Kubota tractors operated outside of the US with front mounted flail mowers. Pretty nice set up if you ask me. The popular mid mount cutting deck seems a pain to remove to clean and sharpen blades . Its also expensive. Does anyone have...
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    Hello, Advice needed. I am in the hunt for a new pickup truck. The idea of the aluminum bodied Ford F250 appeals to me. Test drove one last weekend. I like it. A lot more truck than my ancient GMC Sierra 1500. While sniffing around online I have come across this problem with the front end...
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    B2910 V1505

    Hello, There is a B2910 available locally that I am considering looking at. The B2910 has a 4 cylinder Diesel engine. Model V 1505-E-D16. I sat on an idling B3200 a few months ago and couldn't feel my fingers after 10 minutes the vibrations were so bad. The B3200 is also a 4 cylinder diesel...
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    B2650 SEAT HEIGHT ?

    Hello Everyone. I am considering making an offer on a used B2650 and know when the ROPs is folded it will pose no issue fitting into my 81" high suburban garage opening. My concern is how I will fit when sitting on it . There doesn't seem to be much written regarding seat height. I am 6'3" and...
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    B2650HSD 56004

    Can the year of manufacture be discerned from above referenced plate data? Thanks!
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    Advice needed

    Hello everyone, I have been looking for a used Kubota tractor to use primarily for mowing about 2 acres of mostly open yard once per week here near Pittsburgh PA. I also have about 10 large dying trees that a loader would be handy although not really necessary in dealing with. If it ever snows...