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    Which hose is hardest to hookup on your loader?

    I finally took my loader off my L2501HST for the first time to see if it helped give me more power while grader/scraping. It was really pretty easy. I did find that all hoses except for the orange one were very easy to connect. So, is Orange the one that is problematic for your loader? I’m...
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    Solutions to prevent crunching tail lights on L2501 with my QH15

    I've hit it a few times with the handles up on the QH, but this time, I cracked just below the tail light on one side. it still works. On the other side, I hit the bulb hard enough or far enough to stop it from working. Curiously, the bracket seems fine on that side. ;). I'm thinking maybe...
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    Read me: posts

    I'm ok with the content of the million Read Me: posts except I can't see the other new content on the site. Are these posts going to age out or what? Btw, I typically look at New Posts and of course, these are all at the top of the list.
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    Replace QH15 clevis bolt/pins for top hook with bolts?

    I know a few people have replaced their clevis bolts/pins for their top hook with bolts on their adjustable top hook on their QH15. What size did you use? I can't seem to find any of the threads where people said they did.
  5. J

    Tire chain came off today.

    I have to bend a link back, but otherwise, I’d like to redo to make sure it’s on right. My problem is that some sites/youtubes say the crosslink connector should be facing the tire and some say it should be facing away from the tire. So, what do you guys think. Fwiw, I put the chains on once...
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    Reverse the rear edge for snow … did you reverse the cutting edge

    I’ve read that a few people use their rear blade reversed for snow. If that is what you do, do you reverse the cutting edge? I have to assume so, but no idea.
  7. J

    Hookup Implement should be uphill, downhill, or level with a QH

    It seems to me that my rear blade is almost impossible to hookup if it leaning toward the QH. Did I figure something out or was it just lucky that leaning uphill toward the tractor is easier. I have to say I don’t attachments very often.
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    Lifting animals with antlers with a loader

    I found it harder than expected to get my mule deer buck up to full height it's feet barely off the ground with bucket on. I'm thinking I probably should have put on my pallet forks. The antlers kept wanting to hit the bucket. Got it done, but I was kind of surprised. What do you guys do ...
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    Maybe dumb … does a canopy help you snow plowing?

    I thought earlier this year I should consider a canopy. However, the hottest days are pretty much over in my area, so it seem silly to buy one for those temps. So, if you use a canopy while snow plowing, do you think it helps much?
  10. J

    Are you ready for Winter?

    I bought a rear blade for a backup to my Polaris Ranger that usually does the plowing. I’m starting to think about maybe adding something to the front as well. I have ladder chains for the front and rear for the L2501. I’m seriously considering a UMHW cutting surface for the rear blade, but I...
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    Will I notice the difference without the loader using a Grading Scraper?

    Question for those who’ve tried it. Will I notice a difference with my L2501HST pulling a GS1572 if I take my loader off next time? I’m wondering if the extra weight of the loader and bucket will cause instabilty or give me more perceived power. My rears are loaded and I leave my QH15 on.
  12. J

    Red or Blue Loctite on blades?

    I’ve lost 3 bolts so far on my grader scraper that hold the blade to the frame. 2 were given to me by my local dealer. They were just takeoff bolts. Shout out to Big Sky Kubota in Missoula. My wife found one of the nuts on the neighborhood gravel road. Any way, after losing the last 2, I put...
  13. J

    Extend trailer parking area near shed

    I had an excavator company create a level area around my shed a few years ago. Now, I’d like to make it a little larger to park mostly empty trailers and my driftboat. I suppose it’s possible something heavier could park there eventually. I’m having an issue finding the right terms to use to...
  14. J

    Adventures with a Rear Blade RB2684

    I drove up to the next dealer to pick up the RB2684 yesterday because my local dealer couldn’t get one until at least Nov/Dec. The dealer was very helpful to get the right Quick Hitch bushings that fit. That wasn’t very adventurous once it was loaded in my truck and I strapped it down. It did...
  15. J

    QH15 spacers for implements

    My grader scraper and rotary cutter both have a short section of lower 3pt pin bordered by flatbar that is drilled for the pin. The grader scrapers is about 2 7/8 between the flatbar and the rotary cutter is about 3 1/2 inches. It seems the bushings aren’t available at exactly the right size...
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    That uneasy feeling?

    I got my L2501 in early Feb. I’m finally starting to get used to the feel of the tractor on uneven or sloped ground. I have about 27 hrs on it. How long did it take you to lose the uneasy feeling? Btw, this is my first tractor, and yes, the tires are loaded and I always run with rear...
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    Just a little bit makes a lot more work.

    Somehow, I tried to use a 23/32 bit instead of 3/8ths. Then, stuck two screws in the holes. Kind of wondering why I didn’t just go get the slightly larger bit which would have been the right size. Cheap to recover but inconvenient and time consuming to get those screws out. Next time ...
  18. J

    Reducing erosion V for downhill trail.

    I’m thinking about leveling a erosion V where existing drainage happens for my UTV. Total length is probably around 50 yds. There is quite a bit of a V. I can straddle it with the UTV, but of course, it would be easier if there was more level area for the UTV tires on each side of the V. I...
  19. J

    Culvert do-over ... rocks?

    As part of the Spring road rebuild, the neighbors dug out the culvert next to my driveway entrance that I didn’t even know existed. The goal is to prevent the gravel road from washing out. I’m on the uphill side/entrance to the culvert. Should I add big rocks on the uphill side, etc? I’m...
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    Obvious? watch out for ebay ballast box quality/functionality.

    I have to say I got a great price on my ballast box on ebay. However, I had to replace the pins and drill holes for the Category 1 pins in the bottom. That took a bit of time including finding my right step bit. Technically, I could have kept the cheesy pin on the top, but from what I...