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    Tooth Bar Needed

    Looking for a 48" tooth Bar, BOLT ON for Kubota B2150 Bucket. Inside measures 48 1/2"
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    Belly mower bracket

    Hi …. My B2150 belly mower has not been used for years so I’m selling it Can any one tell me if the mid bracket that has a “tube” running from left side to right is attached to the front loader and tractor frame IS PART OF THE MOWER OR DOES IT STAY ON TRACTOR PLEASE SEE PICTURE
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    Grass Catcher GC60B

    Does anyone know if Grass Catcher GC60B (3 Bags) can be used on a Kubota BX 23... series with a 60" mower deck? Thanks and everyone out there Stay ORANGE and Stay Safe!!!!!
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    B2150 Tail Lamp assembly

    Hello ALL & Happy Orange New Year I have a 1996 B2150. I am trying to locate a Tail Lamp assembly. The red lense is available online but cannot fin a used Orange mount for this Its the one that looks like a CRABS eye Any Ideas?
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    Missing WING SCREW

    Looking for the "SIZE" of the "Wing Screw(s)" That hold the left and right hood panels under Bonnet. Kubota part No: 01811-50615. Is this a metric screw 1996 B2150
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    Missing WING SCREW

    B2150 Looking for the wing screw approx 3/4" (appears gold anodized) that holds the SIDE engine panel on (4 of them). 2 fell off cannot locate part and dont know size