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    B2601 3rd Function Install

    Hello, I just picked up a 3rd function kit today for my B2601. The kit is from my dealer, it's a Land Pride #380-354A. My research also shows that there is another kit, #380-149A. I'm not sure what the difference between the two is, I've contacted Land Pride to find out, so I will post back...
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    Grapple advice

    There is a LP SGC0554 grapple that is for sale by owner locally (used). Says about 25 hours of use on a B2601. I'm thinking maybe I could get it for $1,000. I really was eyeing up getting a EA wicked 55 grapple, but at $2,000 or so, that's quite the cost difference and at the moment is making...
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    B2601 Curtis Cab

    Does anyone have experience with Curtis Cabs - specifically for a B2601? Online, they look pretty nice. Messicks posted a video about a year ago covering a Curtis Cab on a BX series machine. He also mentioned that Curtis is the producer of the factory cab as well. He seemed to indicate they were...
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    Decal change

    Is Kubota changing decals? I notice the new LX series is not using the grey KUBOTA decal and instead is using the ‘cutaway’ style? I noticed my LA435 loader on my B2601 has the cutaway I know it’s just a decal but I think it looks kinda cool.
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    WTB: 60" MMM for B2601

    Sort of a hail mary here - but I'm looking for a 60" MMM for my B2601. I would need all the associated mounting brackets on the tractor (I know which ones they are I have the parts schematic - it's just a few bolt on brackets - so we wouldn't be tearing your tractor apart) - unless you can give...
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    Time to upgrade

    Hi all - Name is Greg. New to the forum, looking to get some initial advice from the experts and then hopefully be a contributing member later with a tractor ;). If you don't feel like reading my life's story, skip to the bolded parts - tasks I want to accomplish and tractor I think might do...