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    WTB or Trade 23x8.5-12 Tires

    I have a new to me Wheel Horse and I would like to put R1 ag tires on it. I will buy the ag tires outright or trade you turf tires for them. I am on the north side of Tampa, FL.
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    WTB L2501 Drawbar TC220-29710

    Scrap man picked up more then he should. Need the stock drawbar. The part number is from Messick's.
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    This showed up on Facebook today when I was looking for a Wheel Horse so I thought I would share it. I know nothing about the guy...
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    Ratchet Straps

    I ran across this on youtube and thought some might find it interesting.
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    ADA attorney

    I am a hot shot truck driver who happens to be stuck in a wheelchair. Yesterday I was dispatched on a load by a broker. When I arrived at the yard to get loaded, a trench box, I was turned away because, " The load might fall on you." Mind you this is a 4' x 4' x 24' 6000 pounds of steel box...
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    Drop Spreader

    For those that live in the snow belt. Sorry. I looked for one of these for another thread and did not find one. Found this one today. I thought it would be better then using a broad cast spreader for sidewalks and drive way salt...
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    Essential Tractoring Tools

    Bmyers wrote this about his day, "Loaded up the trailer with scrap metal from the farm. In the process, found a yellow jacket nest. Dad was trying to get away from it cause I stirred it up unintentionally with the grapple, but he got caught up in barb wire fencing. Thankfully, neither of us got...
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    Tree Saw on a L2501

    I have no experience with this machine but several people have asked how to remove invasive plant of different kinds on their property. Seams to work well with a small tractor.
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    Tractor Neighbors

    After reading Spikes story this weekend I wanted to post an idea to see if we could help each other. And right now with the limited contact we have in our day to day lives I thought why not try asking. So here goes. If you know of some one who needs help I would like to volunteer to do so...
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    Looking for a Woods mower for a Farmall Cub.

    Looking for a Farmall Cub - 59 inch Woods mower with the pulley, and the 2 pulley bar. Located near Tampa FL. Thank You
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    Pallet Forks

    Price seams good and made in the USA. Has anyone bought them?
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    LX Kubota from Messick's

    I just saw this on youtube and I know some of you are interested.
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    Kohler engine parts

    I need a carb rebuild kit for a Kohler CH20S-64635 engine in a Hobart welder. Local dealer is asking $72 for a few O-rings and a needle valve. Any one know of a good source for Kohler parts at a fair price?
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    Cattle panel hoop shelters

    Has anyone built one of these to house chickens? I am looking for a way to pad the edges so the tarp covering does not get cut up. The only thing I have found is one person said they used pipe insulation that is split lenght wise. They never said if it worked very well or very long. Any ideas...
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    Clear Hydraulic Dye

    Can the red dye that they add to diesel fuel be added to the hydraulic fluid with out causing problems? The site glass on my L2501 is just about useless because the oil appears to be clear. Wiping a dip stick, from a TL80A, on a brown paper bag does not always work well.
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    Trailer Ramp Assist

    I am sorry to be off topic again but I need a distraction from all the virus stuff. I do not want to ignore it but instead let it rest. I have a Big Tex gooseneck with the Mega or Monster ramps. The are spring assisted but they are extremely heavy. Since I got stuck in a chair it takes me the...
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    Trailer Axle U-bolts

    I have had the u-bolts break on my Big Tex trailer. The front axle yesterday and the rear axle back in December. Both have happen where the highway butts up to a bridge. Has anyone else had a problem with the u-bolts? This is getting expensive. Almost $1000 in parts and new tires. And way more...
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    Big Tex trailer equalizer 14 GN

    I have a Big Tex 14 GN with a set of underslung springs. The springs are all eye on one end and a slip on the other. I never noticed before that the equalizer does not set level when the trailer is empty. The weight of the trailer is forcing the rear of the equalizer to touch the bottom of the...
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    Kodiak Rotary Cutter, Any brand cutter

    Why on earth do they use round headed bolts to secure the blades on a rotary cutter? I took a 4 inch grinder to the bolt head to make 2 flat spots so the pipe wrench could get a bite. I have pounded on the nuts with an impact and it will not come apart. Now I can not get the socket off. PB...
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    SSQA / 3 point, etc

    I was trolling the web and found this to attach 3 point to your SSQA Also had a SSQA to mount on the 3 point Someone was looking for such things a while back.