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    L4760 counter weight

    Guys I’m going to be ordering a L4760 open station with loader. I’m planning to get filled tires. To be able to effectively use the loader to its potential Do I need wheel weights? Do I need a ballast box? Any help would be great
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    M7060 and M4 pricing

    Has anyone got pricing on these models lately? Are dealers holding to msrp? it seems the kubota dealers are sticking to msrp on the compact tractors that I have priced (4760, 4060). Are they also doing this for the bigger m4 and m7060? btw, local green dealer is pricing below msrp and beating...
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    Mx6000…is it too big for what I want to do?

    I am shopping for a new tractor to do mainly grapple work along hedge rows, cutting new trails in the woods, getting logs out of the woods for cutting firewood, Clearing some small overgrown fields for a food plot. Some brush hogging. Basically, This tractor will be used for a little bit of...
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    L4060 Rops price check

    Hello All - I am shopping for a L4060 rops with loader. I got a quote from a dealer that was $37k for tractor and loader. What have other people been paying recently? Thanks!